Why you should invest in quality card printing?

Having a professional business card is as important as ever before. For many business professionals, business cards are still an essential part of networking, marketing, and building credibility. Though online profiles and digital contact options abound, there is still something special about meeting someone face-to-face and exchanging information via a business card. 

Build your brand identity

Your business card is an extension of your brand – it conveys your brand identity, style, and messaging in a tangible form. When you invest in quality card printing, you ensure that your cards accurately represent and reinforce your desired brand image. From the card stock to the ink colors, to the font choices and design – every detail matters. A professional printer will allow you to bring your brand vision to life. Going the DIY route with basic card stock and an office printer is likely to look cheap and amateurish. Build brand consistency by working with skilled graphic designers and printers.

Make a great first impression 

In the moments after you meet a new contact and exchange cards, they are forming key first impressions that will influence if and how they engage with you and your business moving forward. You want your card to make you look polished, credible, and memorable. Quality card printing on thick, sturdy card stock with vibrant, professional colors and design will help convey prestige and get you noticed. Going for the cheapest stock and printing options backfires and reflects poorly on your business. The quality of your card has a subtle but significant impact. Invest wisely.

Get noticed 

With so many generic cards floating around, you want yours to stand out from the pack. One of the best advantages of working with professional card printers is the ability to use unique finishes, special materials, eye-catching colors, foiling, and other details that make your card pop. Consider soft-touch finishes, spot UV techniques, gold foil stamping, and other impactful touches only available through premium printing. The more your cards stand out, the more likely they are to be noticed, read, and remembered after being handed out.

Durability matters

Business cards get carried around in pockets and purses, pulled out, shuffled, and experience wear and tear. A flimsy, thin card is going to become frayed, bent, and damaged more easily compared to a quality card printed on heavy, durable stock. The durability of the card stock is directly correlated with ongoing use and how long your information will remain intact and readable. A thicker card also just feels and looks more impressive when handed to a new contact. With quality printing, you even add protective coatings that help guard your cards against scuffs and fingerprints. Investing a little more upfront pays off with cards that represent you better over time. printthatnow is the best place for Business card printing.

Convey your professionalism

Beyond the design details, on a macro level, a quality printed card immediately conveys professionalism and prestige when exchanged. It sends the message that you are successful in your field and established enough to invest in proper business identity printing. Conversely, a cheap, flimsy card gives the impression that you might be small-scale or amateurish. Using quality card stock even for simple printing goes a long way towards instantly conveying your professional caliber. As they say, “perception is reality” – the tactile experience of your sturdy card stock hands someone an instant positive perception boost.