LaunchGood Friday Givers: Give Every Jummah

In the spirit of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings, the most beloved actions to God are those done consistently, even if few! LaunchGood introduces Friday Givers – a unique Giving Club designed to make your charitable contributions a seamless part of your weekly routine.

Automate Your Jumuah Rewards

Friday Givers understands the importance of consistency in good deeds. The platform offers you an opportunity to automate your Jumuah rewards. By setting a weekly goal, Friday Givers will ensure your giving is automated every Friday, and you’ll receive a summary of your impact directly to your inbox.

Choose Where Your Giving Goes

Empowering you with the freedom to direct your contributions, Friday Givers allows you to choose where your donation goes. Simply use the ♡ on campaigns to pre-select your preferred destination for your Friday donation. If you haven’t made a selection, LaunchGood will choose a deserving campaign on your behalf.

Be an Inspiration

Participating in Friday Givers means not only automating your giving but also inspiring others to join in the collective effort. Be an inspiration through your acts of kindness and encourage others to become part of the Friday Givers community.

Friday Givers: FAQs Answered

Friday Givers is a revolutionary way to schedule your giving every Jumuah (Friday). Visit to learn more.

  • How Does Friday Givers Work?

Set a weekly giving goal, provide payment information, and Friday Givers will schedule your donation to a deserving campaign every Friday. Receive an email directly to your inbox with details about the campaign you supported and the impact you helped achieve. You can adjust your settings at any point.

  • Can I Choose Where My Auto Donation Goes?

Absolutely! Pick your favourite campaign using the Giving list. Add campaigns to your list by tapping the heart icon on the top right corner of a campaign image. If you don’t select a campaign, LaunchGood will choose one for you.

  • How Can I Change My Settings?

Follow these steps:

Log onto

Click the drop-down button beside your name

Select “My Account”

Click “Scheduled Giving” from the left-hand menu

Under Friday Givers, click “Edit Settings”

Adjust your settings and press “Save.”

Can I Pause or Quit My Scheduled Donations?

Yes, you have the flexibility to change your settings at any point from your user profile. Follow the same steps mentioned above and change your status to “Paused” or click “Leave” if you want to be completely removed from the Giving Club.

For any additional questions, reach out to with the subject “Friday Givers,” and the team will be happy to assist.

Elevate your Friday with Friday Givers – where giving becomes a consistent, impactful, and inspiring part of your week.

Join the LauchGood club and make every Jumuah count.

Article Source: LaunchGood Giving Club