Why Should A Real Man Wear A Watch?

It was during World War I – soldiers at some point got fed up with having to dig out their pocket watches and started wearing watches on straps around their wrists. Until then, a wristwatch was only considered a fashion for women.

  1. Watches Are Wonderful Heirlooms

A watch from Rolex store (ร้าน ขาย นาฬิกา rolex which is the term in Thai) is not just the epitome of a gift – it is the epitome of an heirloom. No matter what your philosophy of life at the end of human life is, we can probably all agree that people can live on in the memories of others. Having clocks from another era is a reminder of people who lived before you. Owning them makes you think of them. They wore the same watches that showed signs of use, care, and love.

A watch collection is also a legacy. It doesn’t have to be extremely valuable, but giving your watches to someone you care about also means giving values ​​vital to you to someone else.

  1. Clocks Help You Relate To Time

Ever since the sundial has existed (and probably earlier) – people have been crazy about devices that measure time, a reminder that our time is limited. Wearing a watch has a positive effect on my attitude towards time. I plan my 24 hours more consciously.

Aside from the technical and mechanical intricacies of a watch, men are fascinated by how it can be used to control time. There is a community of passionate watch enthusiasts who regularly delve into watchmaking details and collect watches themselves.

The only other obsession that compares to this passion for inanimate objects is men’s passion for cars. A watch collection is much easier to maintain and much cheaper than a hobby. Anyone can wear a watch. Wearing a watch is a great way to upgrade an outfit, especially as a man. Find a watch that is different from the everyday models – it could be the basis of a long friendship.