Dangers associated with taking Kamagra

Just like other drugs have side effects, Kamagra Bestellen tends to affect you negatively if taken without the doctor’s prescription. This drug however is not sold legally in many countries and hospitals and with this, it is rarely sold with prescription.Either Buying Kamagra web shop orbuyitoverthe counter. The drug poses a danger to your health if taken without prescription because you may have a different medical condition or way of living that counters the effect of this drug thereby causing harm to yourself and putting your lifeinpotentialdanger.In Other Words,nomedicationis considered good for an individual unless prescribed to you by adoctor.

Some of the dangers of taking Kamagra include;

  • When you want to Kamagra, the website on which you want to order, or maybe you’re just making a normal inquiry about the drug. The website rarely has much information about thedrug.
  • OneofthemajordangersoftakingKamagraisthatyou’llbasicallybe takingamedicationthattheactualingredientsarenotyetknown.Youcouldhave serious reactions to some of the ingredients. Many people are allergic to some drugs and ingredients. Taking Kamagra without knowing the ingredients used to make the drugs may lead to allergies if it turns out the drug contains some ingredients, you’re allergicto.
  • The drug has not been pre-tested. There are no known clinical trials carried out on the drug to know its adverseeffects.
  • The drug is not legally approved or licensed by the European medicines and thus you are buying it at your ownrisk.
  • If you are allergic to sildenafil, you cannot take Kamagra as a medication. This may result in a life-threatening situation foryou.
  • Kamagra is short-acting. You’re better off with other erectile dysfunction medications like viagra.

Which people should not take Kamagra


Below is a list of medical conditions one should not take Kamagra if he or she has it,

  • Avoid Kamagra if you have serious heart problems. Taking the drug may be led to further complications or possibledeath.
  • If you are allergic to sildenafil, stay away from Kamagra because sildenafil is an active ingredient in thedrug
  • All types of cancer such as lung cancer, leukemia, cancer of the skin,etc
  • If you’re below the age of 18, it is advised that you stay away from this drug.
  • Older patients of age 65 and above should not be allowed to take this medication because it may affect themnegatively
  • Kamagra does not work on females therefore females are not allowed to take this medication
  • End-stage renaldisease
  • Arterialhypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cirrhosis
  • Deformation of the penis
  • If you have a well-functioningpenis.

This medication should be avoided at all costs if you have any of the following diseases. It may end up leading to death or causing further complications for you. I wouldn’t advise anyone to Kamagra from any Kamagra web shop. If you have erectile dysfunction, consult a doctor for ways to help treat it.