Why German Shepherds are Called Protectors and Loyal Friends

German Shepherd - Wikipedia

Dogs are man’s best friend. This saying holds true in so many ways, and each dog breed has its own characteristics and each dog has its own personality. Yet, no matter the breed, the temperament, or the personality, dogs are truly loyal to their humans, some breeds even more so because of their characteristics. 

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds and with very good reason. The breed is one of the most intelligent and this makes them easy to train. Originally bred to be working dogs, the German Shepherd is wired to have a purpose and has a tendency to get bored or frustrated when they have nothing to do. This is a great advantage for dog owners who want to train their German Shepherd pups because this breed loves to feel useful and that they have a mission. 

German Shepherds are obedient and combined with their intelligence, this makes them able to look at their situations and act on instinct at the most appropriate times. This strong instinct is the reason for their protective nature, which is one of the most treasured characteristics of a German Shepherd dog, making them suitable as guard dogs. When properly trained, a German Shepherd can watch over young children and assess whether they are in danger or in need of protection, which makes them a wonderful addition to the family. It’s ideal for families with young children to be around the breed while they are still puppies, so when searching for German shepherd pups for sale, pick the one that seems easily drawn to the children. Having them grow up side by side forms a bond that lasts an entire lifetime. The breed’s incredible instinct to protect family members even extends to properties, like homes or businesses. 

Most often seen as guard dogs, the German Shepherd is also popular with the police or the military. German Shepherds are naturally excited to learn, and training for them is a huge part of their purpose in life. Because of the high energy, this breed can withstand long training periods and even tough situations on the field. Combined with their training, their protective nature makes them an excellent companion for soldiers or police officers, serving a double purpose. The breed is known for its loyalty to its humans, even putting themselves in danger in order to save and protect the humans. There have been many testimonies of dogs jumping in the line of fire or attacking an opponent when their companion is faced with danger. 

German Shepherds are indeed one of the most popular breeds and one of the best ones to train. It is important to gauge the temperament of a German Shepherd, so if you are searching for high-quality German Shepherd pups for sale, visit VON WA-BO, the home of show winners, bred from the best pairs across the USA. You can be sure that the litter is always of the best quality, with the finest features and the ideal temperament for families or for the workforce.