Various Types of Materials Available for Outdoor Decking Wollongong

If there is an outdoor deck at home, it serves as a great place for family members to relax in warm evenings while admiring nature’s beauty. Though some people may think it to be an extra expense for their home, the existence of the deck enhances the charm of the entire backyard. The property value also boosts due to an outdoor decking Wollongong, as potential buyers consider as an interesting feature.

There are many options regarding materials for outdoor decks, among which house owners can choose according to their budget.  Various types of natural or artificial wood can be used for this purpose, as per the choice of a house owner.

Redwood – This wood is very popular for outdoor decking Wollongong because of its attractive natural shade. Thus, house owners do not need to spend for painting their decks made of redwood. Since redwood can be easily cut into pieces, the installation of this deck is simpler and faster. It is highly durable due to its resistance capability to natural wear and tears. Hence, this wood is quite expensive and the redwood deck should be sealed after washing with a garden hose at regular intervals.

Pinewood – As pine yields softwood, it is treated under very high pressure to increase its strength and durability. Since lots of pine trees exist in nature, this wood is easily available at an affordable price. Due to its special treatment, this wood is resistant to cracks and rotting, resulting in more longevity. It should be further sealed from time to time to increase its durability. However, wood derived from old pine trees is preferred, as that is more resistant to warping and does not bend on nailing.

Teakwood – This timber is highly expensive due to the rare availability of teakwood now. However, it is considered one of the best materials for building outdoor decks, due to its immense sturdiness and high durability. It does not warp, crack, or splinter like ordinary wood, contributing to the longevity of this hardwood. Moreover, teakwood contains natural oil that prevents rotting and attacks of mold and pests. Hence, there is no need to sealing the deck surface, lowering the maintenance cost of the deck.

Composite – It is made by combining recycled wood chips and plastic fibers, resulting in durable and eco-friendly material for the construction of outdoor decking Wollongong. This type of deck is resistant to mildew, stains, and slipperiness. It looks exactly like traditional timber decks, for which it is quite popular despite its high cost.

There are other varieties of wood, like cedar and cypress, which can be used for constructing useful outdoor decking Wollongong.