Rewards and bonuses that one could claim on an online casino

You would have gone to several physical casinos if you are a professional gambling person. The latest trend in the gambling arena is online casinos and the convenience in involving in online gambling. Gamblers who have been practicing casino games for a long time are entering into these online entities easily as they are far better than the physical casinos in terms of convenience and features. However, newbie players out there are still having some fears and doubts about joining a casino to risk their real money. So, the gambling websites out there like gclub are in constant research to find out a way to acquire the most of these doubting players to sign up to their websites without hesitation. To do so, they have got several ideas among which the provision of colorful bonuses and rewards to the players is one of the ways. Each casino out there will have a set of bonuses and rewards to offer to their players. In this article, let us look at some of these bonuses in brief. 

Joining bonus

Whenever you join a casino website that offers a joining bonus, you will get a reward for your interest in their website. For instance, let us assume that a casino website is offering fifty percentages of the user’s deposit as the welcome bonus for every joiner. If you join this website for $100, you will get a bonus of $50. Now, you will be able to play with your $100 in addition to this $50. So, you can bet for $150 and can enjoy the winnings as you win. Casinos are offering such bonuses to attract new players. If you look at an advertisement showing that you can get a $50 for $100 investment, you will get tempted for sure. So, people who are fearing of losing money in gambling would also try to check their luck as 50% of the risk is reduced with this bonus. You can find this type of bonus on almost all websites out there. 


These are the bonuses that you could get when you are already a member of the casino, and you are on a losing streak. Let us assume that you have lost $100, and your casino offers a cashback of 10% for every losing streak of five games. So, you will get $10 back. 

Referral bonus

If you could earn money by referring someone to the website, you are claiming a referral bonus. Let us assume that you are a member of a particular casino that offers a $50 bonus for the person who refers someone to join the casino. If you have a friend or a family member willing to join the website, you can refer him and get this $50. Some casinos will provide this bonus as cash, and some will provide some free spins also. As the players are getting rewards and the casinos are getting new customers, the concept of a referral bonus will be there in all casinos.