Best Tools to Track Your Instagram Followers

If you are a casual Instagram user, then you don’t require to track your Instagram followers. However, if you own a business or if you are a blogger, then you need to keep track of your audience. You require to know your audience to engage with them. The quality of your audience is essential to growing your brand. If you know them, you can strike a dialogue that hits right across your audience. In this article, we will list down the best tools for tracking your Instagram audience. You will be able to get important insights. It can go a long way to carry out your Instagram campaign. 

  • Iconosquare 

Tools are paid as well as free. Iconosquare is a blend of it. You can get the free version, but if you want to get some additional features, you have to pay a price. With free features, you can get the instant Instagram audit. The application is easy to use; you have to enter your email address and Instagram account.

This way, you will connect your account with the app. They will also provide you a report that will indicate in which area you are shining and in which area you need to work. The report is free of cost. The Instagram audit is based on 20+ metrics. They will also consider your last 30 posts and last 30 days’ activity; these features come under the free version. The paid version helps in providing a robust analysis. 

  • Instagram insights 

If your account is a business account, then you will get insights free of cost. You can know about your Instagram followers. You can know their demographic profile, understand their action, and how well they engage with your content. 

You can get information about how many followed you in the last seven days. You can further scroll down and get information regarding the demographics of your audience in more detail. You can know about your gender, top locations, timings, and age range. 

If you are running ads, then also there are metrics that you can view. 

  • Social Blade

You need to have an open account if you are running a business or you are an influencer. It will provide you useful data so that you can run an effective campaign. They will use the new Instagram API and will give you information about top Instagram followers

  • Squarelovin 

This app offers you in-depth analytics free of cost. The report is based on the overall growth of your Instagram, your recent posts, your monthly activities, and the history of your account. It helps you in driving engagement by giving your information regarding the audience’s interest and preference. Based on your report, they will also show you the best and worst time to post is. 

  • Owlmetrics 

This application shows the real-time analysis of your Instagram followers. It helps in tracking all the essential information and presents you with easy to read dashboard. 

It gives you the detailed information. For example, it will provide you with the most engaging photos, the top tags, and the best video filters. Through click rates, it will show where your Instagram followers like to spend most of their time.