Girly Bongs are little pieces of Art

The product features beautiful feminine colors, and themes. As well as Valuable factors like Delicate designs, pastel hues, floral patterns and cute animals. All these features give these bongs an undeniable product for girls. These Girly Bongs have perfect features for those who love to have a little flair with their smoke. 

Their popularity is on the rise in today’s modern world. As the girls have planted their feet in smoking industry this is no longer a guy’s industry. 

These little smoking pieces can be adorned with sparkles if required. The color ranges from yellow, cute pink, purple, and lavender. In addition to smoking, these bongs are a perfect little piece of art.

5 Girly Bongs to buy in 2021-

Buying a bong is your personal decision. You have to consider the top bongs, and materials required for their construction. Have a glance at some advanced girly bongs perfect for the pot princess.

  • Bubblers, and cute mini girly bongs-They are a water pipe, that has a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and a chamber for a smooth hit. 
  • Glass Girly Bongs– For the girly water pipe, the sturdy base of the product provides excellent stability. The product has detailed craftsmanship on its neck.  Features of the product-
  • LED Lights
  • Diffuser
  • Quality Construction
  • Ice Pinch
  • Pure Pink Surfrider– The product is handcrafted from scientific glass for durability in heating, and re-heating. This makes it not only cute but also practical. 
  • Double Tree Perc Bong-In addition to the pink parts, they offer amber, blue, and green glass accents. 
  • Includes an eye-catcher for extra cooling
  • 2 inline tree perc
  • Diffused downstem adds to the filtering of your smoke
  • BooTube– This wooden bong has a watertight interior sealed with beeswax, which is resistant to bacteria. Each BooTube is unique, varying in sizes between 12 to 18 inches. 
  • They are coated with a food-grade organic oil finish

Uses of Girly Bongs-

As compared to the traditional times, ‘Girly’ holds deep meaning. These bongs are feminine, durable, and adorable designed especially for girls. While guys prefer bongs that are basic in design, women like to add a little color to everything whatever they do.

They are an excellent alternative as the bongs can be used without tobacco. It enables you to feel feminine, and stylish.

Features of the product-

The product features a large base, and is capable to add a touch of class to your next session. 

  • Glass Thickness- 5 mm 
  • Height- 12 inches
  • Joint Size- 18 mm
  • Bowl- 14 mm
  • Handcrafted in- USA

Final Thoughts-

When it comes to water pipes the difference between male and female is based on how the pipe joins with other components like bowls. Nowadays girly bongs are becoming so popular and they deserve it because of their extraordinary features. For instance- they look adorable, and they do not compromise the quality hit off the bong. The product is tailored for the feminine smoker, However, anybody would love it for sure.

Girly Bongs are capable to make your smoking dreams come true.