Are Lab-Created Diamond Simulants the Best Imitation Diamonds in the Market?

Diamonds are made of only carbon crystals. It took millions of years for carbon particles to crystalize and form diamonds. Naturally, these wonders of nature are highly cherished by human societies. Every year, across the globe, people spend billions getting their hands on authentic diamonds. But what about the jewelry lovers who can’t afford to buy authentic diamonds all the time? Lab-created diamond simulants are good alternatives. These synthetic stones are manufactured in labs. Their chemical contents and characteristics are manipulated until they start emulating authentic diamonds. No, synthetic diamonds are not colorless, flawless, or even half as durable as naturally occurring diamonds. But, they might be the best option for budget-friendly jewelry shoppers.

Patented Synthetic Diamonds

The actual qualities of synthetic diamonds vary based on their chemical compositions. For instance, The best imitation diamond will have a patented formula, making it chemically unique and different from natural diamonds. Since there’s a huge demand for synthetic diamonds, many manufacturers have invested heavily into creating completely colorless and finely cut synthetic diamonds. These diamonds are not internally flawless, and their quality won’t retain over time. But, they cost much less than natural diamonds. Materials like synthetic moissanite and cubic zirconia are prime examples of high-quality synthetic diamonds.

Are Synthetic Diamond Simulants Worth Your Money?

Of late, the global diamond mining industry has come under immense scrutiny. Conventionally mined diamonds rely on strip mining – a very harmful form of mining that causes large amounts of pollution worldwide. Plus, these diamond mining sites are often extremely dangerous. Most diamond miners tolerate poor working conditions because they’re economically deprived. That’s why diamonds are not as appealing as they used to be to the average consumer. No one wants to worry about the ethical and ecological issues of the global diamond trade. Synthetic diamonds are created in safe labs and have no tragic backstories like mined diamonds. People can purchase these diamonds with clear consciences.

Buying Long-Lasting Diamonds

Even when you’re buying a synthetic piece of jewelry, you must take the time to research. Synthetic diamonds vary in terms of quality, so asking the synthetic jewelry seller lots of questions is a must for every shopper. After all, all jewelry pieces, whether they feature precious stones or not, are symbols of love and long-term investments. Always shop from registered synthetic diamond sellers who offer jewelry pieces that score high on the Mohs scale of hardness.