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Football betting has exploded in popularity in recent games to bet on each week, major tournaments like the World Cup and Euros, and with the convenience of mobile betting, more people than ever are trying their hand at predicting match results and making some extra cash. However, successful football betting requires using the right strategies if you want to win more bets than you lose.  The biggest key to winning football bets is researching teams heading into a match. You’ll want to look at their recent results, head-to-head history, injuries, and various other factors that could impact performance. 

Form refers to a team’s record in recent matches leading up to the game you’re betting on. A club on a hot winning streak playing an opponent that’s lost several in a row makes betting the favorite a higher percentage play. The following form leads you to value bets where the odds don’t properly reflect the likelihood of each team winning. Injuries, especially to key players like a star striker or central defender, swing matches. If a player that heavily influences a team’s tactics is out, it immediately impacts their chances to get a result. Make sure to check injury reports before placing bets.

Shop for the best odds

Once you’ve researched the teams and formed an initial opinion on the likely outcome, comparing the odds offered at various sportsbooks is key. Odds directly translate to the payout you’ll receive if your bet wins, so finding the best price is crucial. Most point spreads and money lines will look similar across sportsbooks. But a standard $100 winning bet placed at -110 odds pays $190 back. If you find that same bet offered at -105 odds elsewhere, that extra 5 cents of vig adds up to an extra $5 profit.  Favorites provide a higher likelihood to win but generally have poorer odds and lower payouts. Underdogs are riskier bets but offer much larger potential returns if you pick the upset. Assess the risk-reward of each match and look for spots where the odds don’t align with your projections.

Have patience and bet at the right time

Opportunities often arise to get the best planetliga of it when betting on football. You might spot a trend where one team habitually starts slow before pouring it on late. Cluster injuries at a position could force a club to change their style of play in upcoming matches. Maybe you notice the market consistently overreacts and offers extra value betting against the public following surprising results each week. But rather than rushing to bet on every match, be patient and pick your spots. Wait for the right opportunity that matches your research, provides an edge against the odds, and fits clear tendencies you’ve observed. Refrain from trying to hit on every game and only target the highest confidence selections. This selectivity and timing are paramount to long-term betting success.