What is the plus size period underwear for women?

Plus size women struggle to find functional, fashionable, and affordable underwear, the sizing, and shape of some traditional undergarments are more suited to a smaller frame however, this can make finding the right fit difficult.

What are the best period panties for plus-size women?

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the right period panties wherein it’s important to find ones that suit your shape, absorb and contain your flow, and that you feel confident in if you are looking for some options, here are a few brands that offer plus size women underwear:

The struggle is real- Here’s what you need to know about plus size underwear

If you are a plus-size woman, then finding period underwear can be a challenge, there are many sizing and shape variations to traditional undergarments that may not be ideal for your figure and this can make finding the right fit difficult.

Some of those traditional undergarments may include:

  • Bikini briefs but has no butt coverage
  • High waist briefs are not supportive
  • Thong panties can easily ride up
  • Boy shorts most have lace or embellishments on the backside which could show in certain clothing

All these options can be unflattering, uncomfortable, and show through your clothes, and if you have heavier thighs, some of the styles might not cover your legs and leave embarrassing panty lines insight for all to see.

But there is hope, and with so many new brands coming out, it’s now easier to find underwear that fits comfortably and looks flattering on a woman of any size in this article, I will highlight some popular brands and styles of period panties for plus sizes.

How to find the best underwear for you

The best way to find the best plus size period underwear is to experiment with different styles and brands although you may not be able to try on a product before you purchase it, there are many retailers that will give you an idea of the size and shape for your body type.

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Brands that work well with plus size women

Some brands have been specially designed for plus size women there is one popular brand that focuses on comfort and quality plus they offer a range of different styles and sizes, including panties and bras in D-G cups.

Another great option for plus-size women is a brand that offers the same sustainable fabrics and high-quality construction as their original line of products, but with a more streamlined fit.

And for the Petites range has smaller proportions, so you won’t feel like your underwear is trying too hard to contain you or your assets.

Another brand also has a wide variety of plus-size lingerie options, ranging from boy shorts to thongs to lingerie sets and their pieces are made with soft stretchy materials that are comfortable and effective at wicking moisture away from your body.