What Does a Key Duplication Service Do?

Key duplication is all about more than simply making duplicate copies of keys; it’s about duplicating them right down to the smallest detail. What if you lose a key in the house and need somebody to duplicate keys for you? Can you have keys from scratch or make a new key from the existing keys? The answer is both “yes” and “no”.

With kiosks, you can have somebody make copies of your keys and then insert them into your keyring so that you have copies at your fingertips whenever you need them. This makes it easy to enter multiple codes into a system or access codes remotely. It also makes it easier to enter codes into locks that are already installed. You never have to fumble around in the dark to find the right combination – the same key will always be at your fingertips ready to go. If you have lost your keys and are in need of a replacement, just head to your nearest kiosk and within a matter of minutes, a key will be mailed to you in the mail. You’ll never have to leave your home or be embarrassed with a missing key again.

Car key replacement near me offer a large range of solutions for secure key duplication. From standard laser cut keys to high security keys and even plastic keys, you can choose the type of key duplication service that’s right for you.

Some businesses choose to use their own stock of keys while other businesses choose to rent out laser cut or tubular keys. Laser cut and tubular keys are a high security choice because they are difficult to copy and are nearly impossible to duplicate without the proper tools.

The best of these two options are used when the business owner needs high security locks installed in multiple locations. If you have company vehicles and employees that travel to different locations for business purposes, you’ll need two locations where employees can go to gain access to their vehicles.

With a key duplication service in place, you can give each employee two locations – one in your office and one in another city. Depending on the volume of traffic, you might even want to give all employees access to one location so that nobody has to go through the trouble of getting two sets of keys for different locations.

High security locks are also difficult to duplicate. It takes an expert on the job to replace a deadbolt or other high security lock in order to fit a new key with the new code. In many cases, it’s not worth the expense to replace locks on expensive automobiles. Many companies choose to rent high security keys to save the expense. However, locksmiths can provide you with the spare keys made especially for the purpose.

Many times, a homeowner is concerned about losing the original copy of a key in a fire or flood. It’s possible to buy blank keys from reputable suppliers online, but they may not be very reliable. A professional locksmith will offer a list of options that include blank key duplicates.