What are SSI Disability Benefits?

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The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs program that offers physically challenged individuals a monthly check. Such persons who have never worked long enough to get the Social security disability insurance (SSDI) or who haven’t worked before might only benefit from the SSI. Even so, qualifying for the SSI isn’t a walk in the park as more than half of first-time applications don’t go through. In this post, we discuss SSI Disability Benefits and how you can qualify for them.


Who is Eligible for the SSI?

  • Persons with the following qualifications can join the Supplemental Security Income:
  • Have limited pensions and wages
  • Are American nationals, non-citizens, or citizens
  • Are blind, physically challenged, or at least 65 years old
  • Have few resources
  • Live in an American state, the Northern Mariana Islands, or the District of Columbia.

Physically challenged persons who qualify for SSI benefits can get Medicaid in their state. Some of them can receive food stamps. The amount of aid they will receive depends on their monthly or regular income and place of residence. The benefits will start one month after you apply.

Generally, more women apply for the SSI than men. About 79 percent of men qualify for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) while 71 percent of women can get it. Besides, women can work for fewer years than men.


How Does SSI Work?

General tax revenues and not the Social Security taxes finance the SSI. It offers monthly payments for clothing, shelter, and food. An individual’s countable income and living arrangement determine their federal amount.

People living in states that add extra money to the monthly SSI payment often receive more payments while those with pensions, Social Security benefits, or wagers get a lesser amount. Moreover, persons who live with their spouses, and have enough income to pay their household expenses receive less SSI benefits. Still, you can get the benefits if your resources are less than $2,001 or if the resources you have with your spouse are less than $3,001.


How Much Does SSI Pay?

The Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) determines the SSI monthly payment. This year’s rate is $1,191 each month for couples and $794 for physically challenged individuals. The annual rate increases when a Social Security cost-of-living change occurs.

The FBR is the maximum amount that the federal government can pay. It can deduct your income without particular exclusions. You can subtract part of your income before the government deducts it in the SSI payment. For example, you can deduct $20 for unearned or earned income, $65 from the earned income, and half of the remaining amount.

Physically challenged American children and adults receive monthly SSI Disability Benefits. The law requires them to have less than certain financial limits. The elderly who are above 65 and with the necessary financial qualifications can also receive SSI payments. Contact Serenitas Special Needs Planning at (818)231-6759 or (888)447-2525 if you need SSI benefits. We will guide you on how to qualify for the program and enlighten you about various disability benefits.