Types of trademark and procedures of registration

A trademark can be a name, logo, symbol, numeric figure, or a combination of all of them. Why it is done, it is done to distinguish from the competitors in the market and also helps to expand your brand awareness and makes your marketing activities more efficient.

Trademark is governed under two laws :

  1. Trademark act 1994
  2. Trademark rules 2002

Four Types of the trademark are there :  

  1. Products trademark: The owner of the company takes the product trademark for a particular product to replace its product with other products in the market. For example, the apple iphone.
  2. Service trademark: A business entity or a person international trademark its services. A service is something intangible that is provided for the benefit of the other person. It protects the protection of intellectual property and other businesses from stealing your idea. For example, Airtel is known for its services as a network provider.
  3. Collective trademarks: When a group or organization or multiple organizations get some products or services registered and trade market so that no other organization can avail the benefits of the product or services
  4. Certification trademark: organization gets the certification trademark done so that The products origin quality and specification can be identified and defined

Benefits of trademark

  1. Trademark makes it easy for your customers to identify you: The customer can easily differentiate between one and the other company while looking at the product’s international trademark logo or symbol. One can quickly identify from which brand the product belongs.
  2. Trademark helps avoid confusion: by purchasing fake products, the customer feels cheated and loses trust, so to avoid confusion between the fake and the original plan, a trademark is necessary.
  3. Trademarks are economically efficient market rules: The trademark’s use in marketing activities is extensive to create brand awareness and visibility to the customer base. When your business is expanded, just with the help of this trademark, you can launch any new product, which makes it easy for the customer to identify that the particular product belongs to which brand or company.

Registration process

  1. Search for trademark
  2. Filling up the trademark form
  3. Fees/ Cost
  4. Use your trademark but not the logo
  5. Issue of object report if the report is filled
  6. Advertisement in trademark journal
  7. Trademark registration

After the international trademark registration, one can use the registration for ten years and renew it after ten years. By researching someone for the trademark you require, You can cover the cost, and less time will be consumed. Trademark is the most important of your brand promotion and brand protection which can never be neglected,The trademark registration will last forever if you continue to maintain your documents by a particular period or intervals of time. The expansion of a trademark depends upon the trademark owner; for example, if an owner is launching a new product or service, it depends upon him that he wants to expand his trademark or not.