Gambling is the mode of placing wagers on predicted results of certain events for the main goal of winning money or some other valued item like jewelry or assets. The introduction of technology made gamblers divert to gambling online as it was easier and more convenient.

Online casinos accommodate a lot of online gambling. Bitcoin casinos are examples of online casinos that house virtual gambling. Bitcoin is a digital currency used to make swift transactions.

Digital casino games discussed


This is a card game where the players place wagers on the best hand amongst them. There are different variants of the game. Each variant has different deck configurations, number of cards shared among players, number of cards used in play and the number of cards dealt facing down or up.

The introduction of the game to the virtual universe has tremendously improved the number of players’ turn-up. The revenue gotten from the game has also improved. There are various versions of the game.

  • Five card draw

This is absolutely the simplest version of poker. Beginner level players mostly start with this variant. A player is permitted to only replace three cards. A fourth card is only allowed when an ace which is a wild card is kept.

  • Texas hold ’em

This is arguably one of the most prominent versions of poker. The hold cards which are two cards are dealt face down to every player. There are three stages of cards where the community cards of five cards are dealt facing up to each player.

  • The flop. This stage consists of three cards.
  • The turn or Fourth Street. This stage has just one single card.
  • The river or Fifth Street. This is the final single card given out.

Each player is with a total of seven cards. The player with the highest hand wins the pot. There are times when two players win the pot. This is called a split pot or tie.

  • Omaha hold ’em

This game is played like Texas hold ’em. However, each player is dealt 4 hole cards, not 2. A wrap card is used in this version.

Sic bo

This is an unbalanced game of chance originating from China. Three dice are used to play this game. There are various kinds of bets which could be played in this game on the outcome of the roll of the dice.

  • A big bet is mostly placed. The bet is won if the total count of the value of the three dice is up to 11 through 17. A triple is prohibited in this game.
  • A small bet is also placed. The bet is won only if the total count is from 4 to 10. A triple is also prohibited in this game.

These are bets with high probability of winning compared with other bets of the game with staggeringly low probabilities but the low chance bets pay higher.

End note

These games are played by randomly generating their outcomes. This is done by a pseudorandom generator.