Most Common Causes for Truck Accidents in Manhattan

Despite implementing new rules and regulations, the number of truck accidents in Manhattan is increasing every day. Manhattan is actually a city with an above-average rate of truck accidents. The truck accident rate of Manhattan has become 13% higher than that of the national truck accident rate.  So, truck accidents are prevalent in the city. Moreover, if you are a regular commuter, you should know what to do if you become a part of a truck accident. The first thing you can do is snap as many pictures and record videos of the incident. The next important thing to do is get connected with a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney. An attorney will help you get justice in the accident and receive enough compensation for the injuries caused to you and damages that occurred to your vehicle or property.

Here are some common causes for truck accidents that occur in Manhattan.

3 Common Causes for Truck Accidents

  • Distracted driving and texting

Mobile phones have taken a huge toll on all our lives. We are now unable to concentrate on anything. People now easily get distracted from what they do with the interference of mobile phones. Mobile phones have actually become an intruder in our lives. One of the leading causes of road accidents is distracted driving due to the interference of mobile phones. Driving and texting can lead to major accidents. And obviously, distracted driving and texting account for a big part of truck accidents occurring in Manhattan.

  • Speeding

Speed thrills but kills too. Another major cause of truck accidents in KS, Manhattan, is speeding. Overspeeding, especially of trucks, on roads definitely can lead to big accidents. Trucks are big, and drivers can hardly control them properly when driven at high speeds. Therefore, drivers might quickly lose control of lorries at a speck of time when driven at high speeds, leading to accidents.

  • Rain or bad weather

As said earlier, drivers will easily lose control over trucks due to their massive size. Things get even worse when the weather is terrible. Raining will make roads even slippier, and truck drivers will lose control of the vehicle in a speck of time, causing accidents.

Other Causes for Truck Accidents

Other common causes for truck accidents include construction works on roads. Many times, truck drivers often miss the construction sign boards and jump into accidents. Some other common causes include failing to yield, hit and runs, and reckless driving.