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App development is the development of computer software applications for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. Consequent of the ever-increasing market it caters to, app development is a skill that has definitely become more important over the last decade. Not only do individuals use mobile apps like games and other personal software on their mobile devices, companies also use applications to ensure efficient running of operations in their everyday business. 

Things to consider in app development

  •  What platform do you want it on?

There are two main Operating systems on which applications can be released. iOS from Apple, and Androids. If you are looking to sell your app, iOS is the platform for you, as Apple devices mostly cater to affluent markets. If you seek mass downloads for your app, Androids are the platform for you, as they cater to markets with large numbers


  • What is the purpose of the app?

The question seems an innocuous one that could be done without, but keeping in mind what you want your app to do is pertinent for design. Answering the question puts in perspective the utility of the app and helps construct the mental architecture of the app in your mind, so you do not deviate from what was set out to do


  • How long am I going to take?

This question is important because there is such a thing as too little time taken to build an app. If not enough effort and time is invested into development, you can end up rolling out an untested app riddled with bugs


  • Who am I competing with?

It is a no-brainer that this should be considered. The application market is a very large one and developers all over the world consistently roll out applications that they continue to refine and update over time. If the competition is not scouted, you can end up with a mediocre app that the market would not pay attention to. A lot of app designers learn this lesson at great cost


  • App registration

You should ask yourself if you are willing to undergo all the hassle that comes with trying to get your application verified. App verification is relatively easy to handle but Apple’s iOS has tight regulations on the apps that land on their store and any little breach could see your application permanently banned from the store. Regulations are not as strict on Androids but this should definitely be taken into consideration too.



These are just a few questions that would set you straight on the journey to developing your app. There are definitely a lot of other factors involved in app development that should be considered, such as target market and UI design which focuses on making sure your app keeps up with the various hardware specifications on different devices that form the market. If app development is not a field you are proficient in, you are allowed to outsource. There are mobile app development companies in Seattle that can help you with the app you want.