Know When Trapped Emotions Can Cause Self Harm: Getbalancedemotions

An individual may be harmed in one of two ways: physically or emotionally. One of these ways is through other people’s acts. There is also the self-inflicted injury. Others may observe what is occurring externally, and if they do, they may assist in putting an end to it.

When it comes to internal injury, the same procedure is not always appropriate. As a result, this type of abuse may go undetected for an extended length of time. There are exceptions in both cases. In other words, just because violence is visible and observable does not guarantee that people are aware of it or take action to stop it.

Numerous Varieties

Simply told, there are numerous methods of self-harm, some subtle and others far more conspicuous. As a result, others may go unrecognized when self-harm is occurring. Additionally, it is possible to damage oneself without being aware of it.

When someone injures themselves physically, others may become aware of the self-inflicted agony. This can be camouflaged, though, by dressing in a certain way or providing plausible justifications for why one has a cut or a bruise. As a result, others are unlikely to pick up on this person’s thoughts and sentiments. They may be able to pick it up indirectly through the way this person acts if they are close enough to this person and have a high level of awareness. One way to resolve this is by consulting an emotion code practitioner, for you to overcome whatever it is that you are going through. The best practitioner there is Christina Kim of getbalancedemotions.


There are, however, several ways to injure oneself. To injure one’s physical body in some way is a common example. Additionally, while some of these procedures may be considered self-inflicted wounds, some may not be. Because these activities are more broadly accepted, it is simpler for them to remain unnoticed.

Because one’s harm is being channeled into another while they continue to harm themselves, one may experience a sense of peace. Extreme sports, fitness, tattoos, eating, drinking, relationships, and sex are just some of the numerous other options.

Consciousness As Well As Instinct

The extent to which an individual harms themselves is governed by their level of self-awareness and their introverted or extroverted personality. If they simply go along with their feelings and thoughts, a person’s moods and thoughts may overpower them.

Another individual may deny their emotions and resort to self-inflicted pain. Rather than self-inflicting bodily harm, this scenario makes use of external means. In this state, the individual lacks self-awareness and forces their body to perform dangerous activities. Hiring a practitioner from getbalancedemotions can help an individual to overcome this stage.


Philosophy In Life

A sense of worthlessness, guilt, or humiliation is natural from time to time. However, these are only a few fleeting seconds, and they will soon pass. As a result, an individual may begin to wonder why they did or did not do anything, which may result in an emotional outburst. Additionally, this brief interaction may result in self-inflicted injury.

Prison Of The Emotions

This could be a reminiscence of their youth or a flashback to their adulthood. Then, as a result of not dealing with these sentiments and emotions at the moment, the individual will become emotionally stalled at these periods.

They would have had particular feelings and sentiments as a result of their previous experiences, whether as an adult or a child. These feelings include anger, hatred, rage, worthlessness, emptiness, helplessness, impotence, shame, guilt, and dread. As a result of these emotions, the individual may resort to self-harm in order to cope. These treatments are temporary in nature and do not address long-term experiences and emotions.