Ice-o-lator Hash CBD : Premium CBD Extract

Ice-o-lator Hash, also known as bubble hash, is a type of Hash derived from the extraction of marijuana in water ( isolated hash, full melt or simply water hash ) is a type of hash or a method of mechanical separation of Cannabis resin.

Bubble Hash, also called Ice-o-lator Hash or Water Hash, is one of the purest cannabis extracts around.

Its origin and inventor remain a mystery in the community, with some giving authorship to Mila Jensen of Pollinator, others to Bubbleman of Bubblebags, and still others to Robert Connell Clarke-Sam the Skunkman duo.

This controversy, born in the 1980s, continues to this day but, what is so special about hash extracted with ice and water?

It is a method of mechanical separation of cannabis resin, combining cold and motion to remove trichomes from plant matter. The resin remains in the cold water and then passes through nets containing holes of different sizes, where the glands that contain most of the cannabinoids and essential oils in cannabis are trapped.

Once the hash has dried, it can be perfectly consumed; it is best to leave it sealed in an airtight container in the dark, in a place where it is not exposed to heat or moisture, and open the container from time to time.

There are different qualities of Ice-o-lator Hash, the meshes or bags collect pieces of vegetable matter that fit the size of their holes. The best qualities are called “Full Melt Bubble Hash,” which means it leaves no solid residue after burning.

Common hash is usually obtained by a process of heat and compaction, which is different from Ice-o-lator Hash, which combines cold and motion to dislodge trichomes from plants and is extracted using water, ice and filter nets of different sizes.

Precisely because of its processing Ice-o-lator Hash is called one of the most Refined Hash , In addition to its high concentration of CBD , it has a strong Spicy scent and then blends with fresh and earthy notes .

Once processed and compacted , the result is a splendid legal smoke with unparalleled taste .

Ice-o-lator Hash CBD : characteristics, aroma and taste.

From the intense relaxing effect. It gives off intense, earthy flavors reminiscent of the fresh and varied flavors of genetics from the Hindu Kush , with a thick flavor on the throat with spicy notes reminiscent of Himalayan Hash traditions. Thanks to the water extraction process, Ice-o-lator Hash has an amazing softness and therefore does not require any flame to melt.

It has a soft yet full-bodied and elastic texture. It is very famous for its very dark and shiny coloring; the inner part is obviously lighter but still remains quite clear compared to other types of hash.

The Ice-o-lator Hash production process involves shaking cannabis plant material in ice-filled water.

The resinous trichomes freeze and break away from the plant matter, sinking to the bottom of a metal sieve, usually inside a series of mesh screens, each with a decreasing mesh size.

The finer the mesh, or “micron,” the finer the material and the smaller the plant matter.