How To Treat And Manage Acne More Effectively?

During the metrological consultations, one of the most common problems is acne. People from all age groups, whether its teenagers all adults as suffering from these unsightly marks that appear on their faces. There can be many reasons behind such unexpected marks on our skin. In adults, the most common causes of acne may be an inappropriate or high-fat diet, hormonal imbalance. Generally, teenagers keep on trying several new products on their skin without consulting any dermatologist. So it may be seen as the side effect of using incorrect cream or cosmetics. 

Despite this, genetic disposition can also be the reason for acne marks. However, from the point of view of many scientists, acne marks, blackheads, and pimples can also be due to localized infection, which results from inflammation of pilosebaceous follicles and sebaceous glands. 

If you face general problems related to your skin like pimples and acne marks, you can simply get rid of this without visiting for dermatological acne treatment.

Here are some of the tips that will surely help you manage the aesthetic clinic novena treatment and provide you with very satisfying results.

  • Tone up

If you have oily skin, you should apply a specific toner. A quality toner helps to tighten the pores By removing the impurities From the skin. In addition, this intern helps to regulate sebum production in our body, which will automatically prevent the appearance of acne. In addition to this, it is also helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by pimples and blackheads.

  • Clean up

It is one of the essential steps for proper skin hygiene. You should use an idol soap face wash or any cleansing product, which is best for treating acne and controlling the production of sebum. 

Thus in your soap or cleansing product, you must look for salicylic acid, which helps clean your skin pores deep down. But it must be remembered that excessive cleaning can also cause a boomerang effect on your skin. So it is advisable to wash your face for only two times a day. 

  • Moisturise

Most of the people believe that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. But it is not valid; whatever the skin type you have, your skin daily needs to be moisturized. The need is to choose your moisturizer carefully because not all skin types need the same kind of moisturizer. So you have to choose a good quality moisturizer based on your skin type. 

If you have oily skin, it is recommended to choose a silky texture moisturizer that can quickly absorb the excess oil from the skin and gives you a magnifying effect.

  • Protect

This is the most crucial step, which you should not four get at any chance. One should never skip applying sunscreen to your face. Whatever the weather is overcast, you must apply a centre diction to your face because UV rays continue to contribute to its harmful effect on your skin. The minimum protection factor of your sunscreen should never be less than 30. 

These are some of the tips to get best treatment form aesthetic clinic novena.