How to make serenity kids baby puffs – The Perfect Way to Keep Your Kids comfortable

Serenity puffs are a great way to help your kids stay comfortable for nighttime feeding. They provide a nap-friendly pillow that is also fun for both parents and kids alike. Serenity puffs are filled with oats, rice cereal, or buckwheat flour such that they rest on top of the head like a bolster. They can also be used as a neck pillow if you have an over-accommodative child. 


How to Make your very own Serenity Puff


This is the best part! You can make your very own Serenity puff with almost no worries about harming your child. You will simply need to subdue your young child and make her eat a healthy snack while she sleeps. What you will not do is create an over-saturated, stuffed and stuffed-filled home with too many objects, books, toys and more in the room. 


To keep things organized, you can use a kitchen towel as a tablecloth. You can also use a piece of fabric from a thrift shop to cover the kitchen towel. To create the perfect atmosphere for your Serenity Puff, you can choose between a standard light blue or white floor cover and a wall-mounted backdrop.


When To Use Them


As you’re about to start making your very own serenity kids baby puffs, you’ll want to make sure to test it out in the shower. Start by sponge siding your bathroom. Then, add a sudsy towel to the list along with a few ponchos and a bottle of water. Now, your child can experience firsthand just how comfortable and safe she’ll be when sleeping on the Serenity Puff. Once she’s comfortable with the bed, you can begin adding her favorite toys and books. 


How To Make Your Very Own


This is the perfect way to make your very own. You can make your own with little experience and a lot of patience. 


  • Oats: This is your go-to for making puffs. You can use whole-wheat or white oats. 
  • Rice Cept: You can use this in place of the oats when they’re not quite a bast or sufficient. 
  • Fruits/Vegetables: This is a fantastic addition to make your puffs. You can make them with fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, pomegranates, kiwis, guavas and more. 
  • Oil (Fragrance/Fragenerator): This is a fantastic thing to add to your puffs. You can create natural oils like almond, coconut, and palm oil. You can also use other natural materials like coconut or palm oil to create a more offensive or calming scent.


The Perfect Way To Keep Your Kids comfortable


Here’s a look at how to make your very own Serenity Puffs: – Begin by sustaining your child to a snack. In this instance, a single-serving bowl of Fiber one (a fiber-rich protein) is all that’s needed for your child to feel full and stay pressure-free. 


  • Once your child is mostly full and comfortable, you can begin adding your favorite toys and books. You can also experiment with adding other natural ingredients like eucalyptus or rosemary if you like. 
  • Once your child is comfortably seated at his desk, you can begin adding kitchen scales, measuring spoons, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Once your child is completely out of the way, you can begin adding your spouse or parent to the equation. Give them different foods to play with and encourage them to seek approval or feedback from you if they aren’t doing well.