How to access spam Folder?

Your mailbox is sort of an e-closet where you store all the letters that you receive digitally. However, apart from just behind as a locker from where you send and receive emails, there is also an extra function that the email app does for you. Any mailing application from outlook to Gmail and from yahoo to Hotmail has a “Spam Folder“. 

What is a spam folder?

Email spam is unavoidable, repetitive, and pervasive. Spamming has increased a lot in recent years. Email spamming has now become a very active way of advertising. It is the easiest as well as cheapest means of advertising. Sending spam or bulk emails is possible through any legal or unauthorized mailing serer. And it works as long as it is received by people and at least a few out of them are convinced to either respond or open the attached links. Opening untrustworthy spam links can cause a lot of negative impact on your device as they might infect your pc/laptop with a virus.

A spam folder present in your mail auto-detects the sending location of any email that you have received and judges whether it should be added in the “inbox” list or the “spam” or “junk” category. 

It helps in sorting your emails and mailers for your convenience. Messages below 50% rating automatically are shifted to the spam folder and do not need your attention as they are surely not legitimate. 

How does the spam folder work?

Since spam autodetects spam emails according to their intelligence, you should keep on checking your spam folder every few days so that no important message gets lost in the spam folder. If your mailing server fails to recognize a mail as spam but if you feel it might be spam or fake you can always report the email as spam. This will not only automatically shift the location of the email but will also put that particular sender on the radar so that it reduces ratings. 

Is managing spam easy?

You can very easily manage your spam folder. Within a few clicks as you can send an email to the spam folder and with the same ease you can remove these folders from the spam folder. When you send an email to the spam folder it gets shifted to another folder so that you do not miss any important emails. However, sending an email to the spam folder does not delete it. It is still there in your mailbox and you can view it or reply to it whenever you want. It will just be away from your main inbox where you have other primary emails pending. You can manually change the location of an email from spam to primary mail as well as deleted the email. 

A few emailing apps have started to auto delete your spam mails after every 30 days or so. This is because every email that you receive takes away a little storage and decreases the place for any important email. Auto deleting helps you in maintaining the storage of your email account too.