Get To Know About The Different Options That Participants Have In NDIS Plan Management

When a disabled person gets funding approval, then they become an NDIS participant. This is a scheme in which the disabled person gets various benefits. In this scheme, they identify the personal goals and the services which are required to meet them. The plan specifies the amount of money that is budgeted for disability care.

It runs 12 months in a year so the participant can get their funding adjusted as the need arises. They get the services according to their needs and desire, and all the services are managed by the ndis plan management providers. If you want to know about the different options which participants have, then you are suggested to have a look at the points that are listed below.


The participants pay the invoices which are received from the service providers. In addition to it, the participants are also responsible for tracking expenses that are against their budget. You need to know that the participants can choose from the two methods of online bill payments. The one is to pay a bill first and then file for the reimbursement.

The second option is to request the invoiced amount. After that, they have to wait to receive the money and then pay for the bill. In both cases, it is essential for the participants to pay for the invoices at the ndis portal.

Agency managed

In the agency managed option, the national disability insurance agency holds all the allocated money and pays the bill through the portal of NDIS. You will be amazed to know that the agency also maintains the financial records of the participants. In this way, the work of participants becomes easier, and they don’t need to put much effort into claiming the services provided by ndis plan management providers.

Plan managed

When you choose the plan-managed method, then the participant entrusts their fund administration to a registered plan manager. The ndis plan management providers are the professional who handles all bill payments and the book keeping. You can choose any of these plans as per your choice.

Mixed management

The last but not the least option which the participants have is mixed management. In this method, the participants pay the bills by combining all the options of NDIS plan management. For example, they can choose a plan manager for invoice payment alone, and the participants track their expenses and the remaining funds. So, you can choose the mixed management method if you like this option.


The NDIS plan management consists of various options. You might have become familiar with all the options which you have. All these options are great in their own way, so you just have to choose the one which you think suits your needs the most. If you haven’t got yourself registered in the NDIS, then you are really missing a great opportunity of getting a sense of independence and peace of mind.