Everything You Should Know About The Coat Of Arms

It is no secret that people love to display their family coat of arms. What most don’t know is the true significance behind a coat of arms. An even smaller group of people know a lot about heraldry and what it means to have your family coat of arms. Are you interested in finding your coat of arms? If so, you can make use of this information.

What Is The Coat Of Arms?


A coat of arms is a design of a family’s seal, found on print or other official documents. The coats of arms are used to identify the ancestors and their relatives. A coat of Arms may have originally helped to show the position, rank, and family name of a person, it also shows one’s affiliation towards his or her homeland and nationality.

A coat of arms is a family’s unique symbol or image. It serves as a visual representation of the family and its history, achievements, legacy, and tradition.

Who Uses Them?


Coats of arms are used by anyone who wants to make a statement about themselves. Nobility and royalty have used them for generations, but we see them everywhere today: on flags and national buildings, on sports uniforms and corporate logos, and even in movies and soap operas.

General Rules On Designing A Coat Of Arms


A coat of arms is a design that can be displayed as a print, plaque or even as a tattoo or image on some kind of clothing. This design will have different symbols depending on the family, clan, or country it belongs to. The most important symbol in every coat of arms is its crest; this is the part that represents the family’s name through both words and symbols.

Other elements include mottoes, achievements, and supporters. A coat of arms does not just have to be for branding: it can be for historical significance as well, such as celebrating great accomplishments within your family tree.

How To find A Coat Of Arms


If you want to explore your family history and find out more about your ancestors, then the option of finding a coat of arms could be quite interesting for you. There are many websites available that allow you to find your coat of arms or design one yourself.

Types Of Coats Of Arms


Coats of arms are divided into two types: Personal and Corporate. Personal coats of arms describe the history, family, or rank of an individual. Corporate coats of arms are used by institutions and companies to represent themselves in a symbolic manner that is also easily recognizable.



The coat of arms represents the history and family status of anybody who has used it in their lifetime. Many people have used coats of arms throughout their lifetimes, but there are many more people who need to start using one for themselves.

This will let them know about the history of their family and it will also let them know how to properly use one on all of their works whether it be print, personal items or other physical goods.