Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing A Face Oil

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You probably have heard about several great skincare products and are thinking that face oil is unnecessary and not that important. Well, you would be surprised to know that face oils can set you on a path towards a gorgeous complexion that is unmatched. Your face would go from dull to dazzling with regular use of face oil and glow even without the help of your highlighter. If you are hooked and want to know more about how and why you should choose face oil, this is the article for you.


Why you need a good face oil:


Dermatologists say that your skin naturally exerts oil or sebum and lipids so that they could help in preventing dehydration of your skin and keep on supplying an ample amount of water. A face oil would complement your natural oil and keep the excess oil in check. The skin in trying to compensate for the extra sebum results in acne and breakouts. So face oils would help your face look clean and hydrated without any acne to rain on your parade.


 A face oil also provides an extra level of protection for the skin on your face. They are considered a type of emollient, they are meant to strengthen the natural moisture barrier, the outermost layer of your skin. By softening and sealing the barrier, they prevent water loss which, as mentioned above, leads to breakouts. Predominantly face oils are used for hydrating purposes, but a good face oil can easily be an essential part of your anti-anti-ageing care routine Face oils also are known to provide antibacterial and healing for your face. If you have some skin woes like dark spots and dryness, applying face oil can help you with that also.


How you should use face oil: 


With serums, moisturizers, sunscreens and so many other skincare solutions, you may be a little confused with where a face oil fits into the equation. According to dermatologists, you should apply skincare products based on their consistency and go from lightest to thickest. So you should apply the serums and oils first, and then work your way up with thicker moisturizers and finish it off with sunscreens. The good thing about face oils is that they can be incorporated into your existing skincare products. You can add a few drops of your face oil into your moisturizer or serum to achieve the desired effect and it would work like a charm.


Some good options for face oils:


If you are a beginner and want to know some natural ingredients that are good for most skin types, here are some options attached. You can start with face oils containing ingredients like jojoba, aloe vera, tea tree and so on. But test them out on your skin by applying them 1-2 times per week before adding them to your daily routine.


This article has talked about the benefits of face oils and what tips you should keep in mind before choosing a face oil for your skin. Now go, buy some and try them out to see for yourself!