Duct Repair Services That Can Solve Most Problems

Ductwork is one of the most critical parts of heating and cooling systems, but it can often be the cause of major issues with your HVAC unit. If you don’t have your ducts checked, it could cost you big time in the future. If you are plagued by leaks and damaged ductwork, here are some tips from HVAC pros to help you.

Duct tape, while often able to withstand the smallest temperature changes, can’t stand up against the sudden temperature changes. This is why there are other types of material used in HVAC air duct repairs services, like rigid foam and thermoplastic hoses. Here are 3 categories of ductwork materials that professionals commonly use to do the work:

Rigid foam: If you want a leak-proof seal, this is the perfect option for you. These products don’t allow any water to seep through, so they can be perfect for cooling and heating systems in refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines, among other items.

However, these tapes are not good choices for home heating and cooling systems, as they don’t keep the ducts well insulated. When applied to ductwork, the gaps may allow large amounts of warm air to escape, which can make the home uncomfortable. And because these tapes have to remain rigid when they’re applied, they can be difficult to remove after installation.

Dust: While most people wouldn’t think of dust accumulating in their home’s ducts, this can create quite a problem. Homeowners may not realize it, but they constantly lead a very busy life, and may never notice that small dust particles are building up in their heating and cooling systems.

Because of this, if this build-up isn’t addressed, it can start to clog up the vents, causing a variety of symptoms. As an example, small insects could start to form inside ducts, which can make it difficult for people to breathe during warm weather.

Thermoplastic hose: These products are used in duct repair services to patch any leaky ducts. Thermoplastic hoses are made with an open-top, which allows them to be blown into ducts without the hassle of glue or metal adhesives.

Unfortunately, these hoses aren’t very effective at circulating air, since they don’t allow for any air to pass through them. Instead, the only way that air can make it through is by traveling up the flexible cord. If the cord becomes plugged, the homeowner will have to call a professional air conditioning system technician to replace the hose.

Leak seals: Many homeowners do not realize that ducts need to be sealed to prevent heat and cold air from leaking out into the living space. One of the most common signs of an air leak is when the fan in the home stops working. This is because air can easily travel up the ducts until they become plugged.

When this happens, a service technician will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it with the proper sealant. Other common signs include black smoke coming out of the vents, and odors that are distinct smells of burning.