Dodge Dart: Old Name, New Vehicle – Italian Soul?

Zipp. When the Dodge executives, in 1959, had took in to concentrate groups an legendary and effective vehicle could have been known as the Dodge Zipp. Thankfully, cooler heads won and also the Dodge Dart was created. Or, must i say re-born?

The Dart name was initially utilized by the Chrysler Corporation on the 1957 concept vehicle, the Chrysler Ghia Dart, created by the celebrated Italian design house and coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia (who also penned the questionable VW Karmann Ghia). Interesting the first Dart had its origins in Italia, Turin more specifically, which is the house of FIAT, the Chrysler Group’s parent company and also the driving pressure behind the resurrected 2013 Dodge Dart.

When Turin Italians and also the Dodge Detroiters get together, you receive a Dart. The initial Dart had its highs (the Hurst-Built Super Stock 426 Hemi Dart) and it is lows (anything after 1973), but may be the 2013 Dodge Dart worthwhile? In short, yes. But, to higher understand where it’s originating from, let us check out a brief history behind the Dart nameplate within this handy and simple to follow “Timeline-o-Dodge-Dart”.

1957 — Chrysler Debuts the Ghia Designed Chrysler-Ghia Dart Concept created by Turin, Italia based designer Carrozzeria Ghia.

1960 — Dodge Debuts the Dart (thankfully and not the Dodge Zipp) on the 118-inch wheelbase Plymouth frame his or her entry-level fullsize model. Coupe, Sedan and Wagon choices are provided with powerplant options of the 225 cubic-inch slant six (new for 1960), a 318 cubic-inch V8 or perhaps a 361 cubic-inch V8. 1960 also introduces unibody construction.

1962 — The Dart turns into a mid-size B-body vehicle having a 116-inch wheelbase. A 2-door convertible is put into this mixture. Dimensions are lower, but power expires using the optional 413 Ramcharger V8 pumping out 415 hp. Dodge Design Chief Virgil Exner is fired.

1963 — Another year, another body change. The Dodge Dart replaces the second generation Lancer and it is now a b-body having a 111-inch wheelbase. The Charger option opens up around the 273 cubic inch V8 Dart GTs. This is actually the first utilisation of the “Charger” moniker on the Dodge. New Chrysler Design Chief Elwood Engel oversaw the style of the 1963 Dart along with the Chrysler Turbine. Engine choices are 170 cubic-inch or 225 cubic-inch slant six. The Dart GT coupe/convertible will get a 273 cubic-inch V8.

1965 — The Dart opens up in The country, put together by carmaker Barreiros and uses difference sheetmetal in the U.S. version.

1966 — Bob Tullius runs a 1966 Dart V8 Group 44 in Trans-Am races.

1967 — Wider framerails around the fourth Generation Dart accommodates adding a large-block 383 for that new Dart GTS. 170 & 225 cubic-inch slant sixes, 273 cubic-inch V8 complete with the help of 340 & 383 cubic-inch V8s.

1968 — The little-block 318 V8 replaces the 273 cubic-inch and also the slant sixes remain. Fifty Hurst-built Super Stock 426 Hemi Darts are created for NHRA races. 1960 also sees the development of the 340 V8. Four-speed 340 Darts obtain a exclusive edition camshaft, which makes them quicker than other 340 Darts.

1969 — This season merely a 440 cubic-inch big-block can be obtained around the Dart. With your a sizable block, there’s no room for any power-steering rig leading to manual steering only.

1970 — New front and back bumpers for that Dart. 1970 also sees the debut from the sporty variation around the Dart, the Dodge Dart Demon, that is essentially a Plymouth Duster having a Dodge front clip and vertical taillights. Dodge drops the GTS and 383 cubic-inch V8. All Dart coupes become Dart Swingers. The greatest engine choice is the 340 cubic-inch V8. A 198 cubic-inch slant six (basically a 225 having a shorter stroke).

1973 — Because of the new federally mandated regs, the Dart is equipped with new front and back bumpers plus a new grille and hood. Because of complaints concerning the name the Dart Demon is renamed the Dart Sport.

1974 — The special edition Hang Ten model Dart Sport is introduced midyear continues through 1975. The Idea Ten has a folding rear seat for simple surfboard transportation along with a stickered pinstripe ending having a surfer on the wave. Gnarly, Dude.

1976 — The ultimate year from the Dart within the U.S. and also the only year from the 225 cubic-inch slant six Dart Lite which utilizes aluminum to reduce the curb weight and rear-axle ratios to achieve 36 mpg on the road. Heard this before. 1976 also sees the Spirit of 76 Bicentennial model.

1981 — Dodge Diplomats are offered as M-Body Darts in Mexico. Brazilian A-body Dart production ends.

1982 — The Dodge 400/Chrysler LeBaron are offered because the Dart K in Mexico.

1986 — Its Northern Border American E-body Dodge 600 is offered because the Dart Europa/Dart E.

1989 — K-Body and E-Body Darts are stopped in Mexico. The Dart is formally dead.

2013 — The Dodge Dart has returned following a 24-year hiatus. The Chrysler Group’s partnership with FIAT yields the Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based Dodge Dart, a concise FWD four-door. The 500-vehicle 2013 Mopar special edition Mopar ’13 Dart is unveiled in the Chicago Auto Show combined with the Dodge Dart “Carbon Fibre”. Power plant options: a turbocharged and intercooled SOHC 16-valve 1.4L inline-4 with 160 hp & 184 lb-foot a DOHC 16-valve 2.0L inline-4 with 160 hp & 145 lb-foot along with a DOHC 16-valve 2.4L inline-4 with 184 hp & 171 lb-foot.