Common queries on naming a star answered

What do they mean by naming a star?

There are thousands of stars twinkling out there, far away from our Earth. All these stars have their scientific names associated with them. In recent years, there arose a concept of registering a star with a person’s name and maintaining a database in private registries. Anyone can buy a star from these registries and give it as a gift to their loved ones for any occasion. They will be providing the name of the person or any other name to be registered with a star that does not have a name till then. The registry will do so and provide a certificate that tells the location of the star with the coordinates to locate it in the sky. Since it is a new way of presenting one’s love for another, it is becoming popular around the world. However, the person registered with a star could not claim any ownership of the star except having the certificate with them. You can find several companies providing this star registry service for optimal prices. If you find a reliable one, you can proceed and make your loved ones surprised during the special occasion.

What should you do to present your loved one with a star?

You may be wondering how could you present your loved one with a star certificate as it will not be available in regular gift shops. It is not an easy task to do. You can do it by following the steps below,

  • The first step will be to look out for specialist star registry services out there in the market. You can do so through an online search.
  • Once you find one, you should look for the types of constellations and the packages available with them. You can search for the specific type of star based on some personal connection to your partner, or you can decide based on the budget.
  • If you have a decent budget, you can buy proper frames and some other additional features also. After you select the package, you should provide the vital details to be included on the certificate. This information includes the name of the person or the couple, personal message not, and any others as you wish.
  • After giving the primary details, you can start customizing the certificate as you like. From the certificate design to the font style, you will get options to choose from.
  • Once you are done with customizing the certificate, they will start preparing it.
  • After preparation, they will send you both the digital version and the physical certificate.
  • You can check them and present them to your loved one.

What does a star gift set contain?

A star gift is not only a piece of a certificate. You will get a lot of additional features when you order a star, and it varies depending on the package you choose. Some of these features are as follows,

  • Frame
  • A star locator
  • Astronomy books and pictures
  • Perfect case and pouches