BBQs 2u Presents Black Friday Deals On Ooni Pizza Oven and Kamado Joe

BBQs 2u is a leading independent retailer of barbecues and accessories in the United Kingdom. They emerged in 2002 and are very passionate about barbecues. They share their grilling knowledge with all their customers. They sell Napoleon barbecues, Kamado Joe barbecues, Ooni pizza ovens, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, Napoleon accessories, and Kamado Joe accessories to their customers.

Gas or Charcoal made barbecues, there is a barbecue for every customer. They provide the best customer support and service possible. Their family has been involved in the barbecue business for the past three generations making them an authorized dealer of Ooni pizza oven, Napoleon barbecue, and Kamado Joe. They aim to serve their customers with high-quality accessories and tasty barbecues to their customers. 

One can notice their excellent support after making sales, and the fantastic barbecues which can withstand the climate of the United Kingdom. They sell only a few brands of barbecues to their happy customers. They are making awesome progress and innovations in the accessories to upgrade their customers’ grilling game. Whether the customers cook for themselves or a crowd, they feel satisfied after they cook using these accessories.

Ooni Pizza Oven Black Friday is a clearance sale that provides huge discounts on Ooni pizza ovens to its customers. Customers have to buy it before the stock lasts. Ooni’s pizza ovens are a rare gadget for the kitchen that delivers the promise. Customers can make decent and delicious pizzas at home.

Crispy, chewy, and well-cooked pizza can be taken out of the oven within 30 minutes. Ooni ovens have a baking surface of 800+ degrees. To make the crust of the pizza thinner one must need this range of temperature. The Ooni pizza ovens deliver this temperature in 20 minutes. It is attached to a propane tank.

The founders of Ooni pizza ovens are Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garnand. They found the oven suitable for work from home which arrived due to COVID 19. Ooni has also launched the Fyra which is the updated version of Ooni 3. It has a wood pellet-powdered design. The wood gives a smoky flavour to the pizzas.

Kamado Joe UK is also sold on black Fridays. Kamado Joe barbecues have a high-quality design and much better construction to provide a more versatile grill. Kamado Joe Jr. is the most portable Charcoal grill. It weighs around 68 pounds. Customers can prepare a quick meal for two using this. It is suitable to cook near the lake, ocean, tailgate, camping, hunting, boating, and fishing

It’s a small grill but has premium grilling and a big flavor. It’s a perfect sidekick. No other gas or Charcoal grills can beat Kamado Joe. 

Some of the other Kamado Joe products are:

  • Kamado Joe – Big Joe ll
  • Kamado Joe – Big Joe lll
  • Kamado Joe – Big Joe all Standalone
  • Kamado Joe – Classic ll
  • Kamado Joe – Classic ll Stand Alone
  • Kamado Joe – Classic ll
  • Kamado Joe – Classic all Standalone
  • Kamado Joe – Joe Jnr
  • Kamado Joe – Pro Joe

To get more information about Kamado Joe and Ooni pizza ovens one should visit their YouTube channel.