Ashes to Diamonds – How Ashes Are Transformed Into Diamonds

A new business transforming ashes into diamonds has launched. Saintdiamonds, founded by a woman who lost a mentor, has developed a unique diamond-making process. The company has been featured on Shark Tank and recently received backing from Mark Cuban. Customers can expect a custom-made ring that commemorates their loved one’s life. Their initial order is free and they can choose to have their ashes encased in a ring of their choice.

The Saintdiamonds process is transparent and sanitary. All diamonds will be given a grading report listing the 4 Cs, which are the most important for any piece of jewellery. The ashes are not mixed with other materials. In addition to the ring, an ash to diamond kit can be purchased. These kits are affordable and include all the tools needed for the process. The process has also received support from entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, who backed the company.

The boron content of ashes and hair can be used to produce various diamond hues. They can be red, yellow, orange, pink, violet, blue, gray, and green. Some people opt for a clear stone. The ashes can also be turned into a pendant or a necklace. Depending on the color, ashes can be turned into a beautiful diamond. The production time of a diamond varies, ranging from 35 to 70 days to a full 150 days. The diamonds can be cut into different shapes and styles, making them a precious addition to any collection.

Ashes to diamonds is an excellent way to remember your loved one. The process is simple, but you will need a professional to perform the work. Despite the fact that it requires expert expertise and proper equipment, the results are as stunning as any mined diamond. This process is also more meaningful than a traditional diamond, and many people choose to have cremation diamonds made as a lasting tribute to a loved one.

While many people choose to scatter ashes or store them in urns, it is difficult to avoid the feelings of distance and sadness that can be associated with scattering ashes. Aside from scattering ashes, many people choose to create memorials in a meaningful way. The urns and scattering ashes are a common option, but they are not intimate and can’t give the same sense of meaning as a diamond.

Ashes to diamonds are a meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one and create a lasting memorial. The process is a popular choice for many people and can even be a great way to commemorate a loved one. It is a more personalized and meaningful option for families. Aside from memorializing a loved one, ashes to a diamond can be a great way to celebrate a life.

Those who are interested in turning ashes into diamonds will be delighted to know that the process takes three months. The process is not only ethical but also practical. Customers will receive a kit that contains detailed instructions for their order. They can choose to design the diamond for their loved one. If they choose to, they can even design a special plaque for the memorial. The ash is the perfect place to commemorate a loved one.