Artist Management: Is Music PR Agency a Good Alternative for the Independent Artist?

The Way Forward in Artist Management

Hiring a music PR agency is one of the best decisions you can make as an artist. Public relations for music is an important approach to promote your new release, tours, and any other music-related news to your fans and the public. This strategy utilizes the media.

Music PR experts often operate between artists and the media, trying to get album reviews, band profiles, live show reviews, and many others. Many music PR agencies often focus on one area only. For instance, a music PR agency could specialize in print or digital media.

Some PR firms are even more specialized. Such companies handle only college and club radio promotions. Some may also do online promotions only, working with major online influencers.

When you decide to hire a music PR company, here are important things to keep in mind:

Promotions and Campaigns

Most public relations for music are done on a campaign or promotional basis. If a label would like to promote a new item, it could hire a PR agency for a given period, in which the PR firm can try to generate as much information as possible.

If the band has tours during the promotional campaign, the PR company could also do a round of press for the tour, which may attract additional expenses. At the end of any promotion or campaign, the PR firm issues a comprehensive report with press clippings of all of the coverage for the new item.

Cost Concerns

Public Relations is a very expensive exercise. While hiring a PR agency could eventually help, it should take the right space in your budget. You’ll still need money to get your new album ready and to set up distribution. You also need surplus money to cover the costs of other activities like playing the shows.

It is important to have a concrete budget so you don’t have to divert money from other expenses to pay for public relations. Additionally, you should not compromise the basics, as this would not enable you to get the most out of your PR campaign.

Target Product

A public relations campaign should not be too general. Instead, it should focus on a specific project and accomplish specific goals. As an artist, you can channel your PR campaign towards a new release or tour. The project should have a start date, which should give the PR company adequate time to run the promotion.

Realistic Expectations

By hiring a music PR firm, you don’t buy guaranteed press and exposure. Instead, you pay for the services of a PR expert, someone who will send out your new album, tour dates, and any news related to your talent to the public. The PR professional also follow up with the media, trying to convince them that you deserve coverage.

In exchange for this effort, you pay an agreed amount of money. However, there is no guaranteed fortune or fame. Importantly, hire a PR agency that will be honest with you about what they can achieve. Far-fetched promises should be potential red flags.

Overall, hiring a reputable PR company could be a great move for your career as an artist. Working with an established PR agency can solve your first hurdle—building press contacts. At The Forge Agency, we build artist careers from the ground up. We are result-driven, music-driven, strategy-driven, and future-driven. Contact us to learn more