A Guide To Finding A Legit Email Verifier

Finding an email verification service that is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use can be a challenge. The ease of spoofing an email address has led to a veritable epidemic of fake email accounts. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s extremely simple for someone to set up an email address with your company name and domain.

Anyone with Google AdWords access can target you specifically and send emails from your company account. What’s more, the increase in phishing scams targeting companies means it’s easier than ever to create a convincing fake identity online.

Whether you suspect someone is pretending to be you or are worried about who might be fooling everyone into sending them money, finding a legitimate email verification service that eliminates the risk of impersonation is imperative.

What Is Email Verification?


Email verification is simply the process of creating an account on a website (or an app) with an email address that is already present in the account holder’s address book, allowing the account to be verified.

This is a common practice on blog platforms, social media, and other websites where signing up with a new email address is not required. It’s also used by email service providers to ensure that a new address can be added to an existing account.

When you create an account on a website using an existing email address, the website can verify that the email address you’re using is yours. This means the website can take your request to send emails to your existing address without having to verify that you own the address.

In this way, you can use your work, school, or other “official” email address on sites where you don’t want to sign up with a new account.

What To Look For In A Legit Email Verifier


– Ability to verify multiple addresses. You want a verifier that can verify your address across multiple services, not just the one they support. If a verifier only supports one email service and you’re using Gmail, they won’t be able to help.

– Ability to spoof verification emails. You don’t want a verifier that only sends you an email once you’ve signed up for an account and have verified your email address.

What you want is an email verifier that can create an email address and verify that email address on your behalf when you sign up for an account.

– Ability to verify other email addresses. You want a verifier that can verify other email addresses as well, not just your primary address.

– Trusted by others. You don’t want a random company. You want a company that has received positive reviews from previous customers.

Finding The Right Service For You


As with any business decision, it’s important to do your research and find the best email verifier for your needs. Using multiple services simultaneously poses a risk of unwanted email deliveries. If you only want to use one email address as an online pseudonym, a single-service verifier like Gmail is sufficient.

There’s no need to use an email verifier that can verify your other addresses. If you have more than one email address that you want to be able to use online as an effective pseudonym, the number will depend on how much phishing risk you’re willing to take.

If you want to use an additional email address as a backup, or if you want to use an additional address to target customers or send sales emails from, you can verify as many additional addresses as you want.