5 Secrets About Folding Knives

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Cool folding knives are handy tools that everyone can benefit from. It’s a cutting tool that can be applied during survival situations or for day-to-day tasks. It’s portable, lightweight, and reliable so it’s the perfect companion for everyone. You may even use it as a self-defense tool if need be!

Do you want to know how to maximize your usage of folding knives? Check out these 5 secrets about cool folding knives.


1. How To Sharpen Without A Sharpener

You might find yourself in a survival situation with limited resources and potentially unable to sharpen your knife. It’s very important to keep your knife as sharp as possible so that it will remain useful.

One alternative for a sharpener is an old dish or plate. Any type of dish will do for as long as it has a ring at the bottom. Simply slide your blade over the embossed ring. Do both sides until it feels sharp.

2. How To Make A DIY Sheath

A knife sheath is important to protect yourself from accidentally getting cut. A sheath also ensures that your knife stays scratch-free.

You can craft a DIY sheath using any fabric and some basic sewing skills. Simply create a pouch that will comfortably fit your knife. Add a belt loop so that you can store this at your waist where it is easy to access. You may also customize it by adding a micro survival kit to the sheath. This may include a compass, some matchsticks, and other survival tools.

3. How To Split Wood

Splitting wood is typically done with an ax or a hatchet. You might need these smaller chunks of wood to keep a fire going or to build some temporary shelter. You may use a folding knife but sawing through the wood will take you ages and severely damage your blade.

One hack is to create strategic cuts into the wood. Saw about a third through the wood, and then use your legs or any other source of blunt force to break it all the way. In this manner, you won’t severely damage your blade but still, get the job done.

4. Basic Tricks

There are two basic tricks to master: flick opening and flick closing. These allow you to save a lot of time by getting your knife ready or stowed away in a split second.

Based on the tricks’ names, it’s all about applying a sudden burst of force to let the blade go in the direction you want, whether it’s to open or close. Make sure to turn off the safety and carefully practice until you perfect it.

5. Remove Rust

Even stainless steel blades can be susceptible to rust. As soon as you detect them, make sure to eliminate them to prevent damage to your folding knife. One handy trick is to use pencil lead or graphite. This also allows you to reach into the crevices with rust so that you can effectively remove every trace.


Final Thoughts:

Despite these cool folding knives’ secrets and hacks, much of your performance and satisfaction will still rely on the quality of the knife you choose. Make sure to opt for a high-quality knife, like the ones from B. Merry Studio so that you will have a reliable partner in all situations.