4 important qualities to look for in a plastic surgeon

China's plastic surgery industry preys on young people's 'appearance anxiety' - Global TimesThe journey to hiring the right plastic surgeon can be very complicated mostly for first timers. This is because plastic surgery may be common but not to everyone especially when you are savvy to the details. You only have to put your trust in hiring the best surgeon your budget can afford and that takes some scrutiny of different options on your shortlist. According to Dr Leonard Hochstein, there are important qualities that every person should look for in their choice of plastic surgeon before entering into any agreement with them.

Communication ability 

Have you taken some time to consider whether the surgeon understands what you truly need? The only way any form of rapport can be created between you and the doctor is through communication. As much as you are choosing your surgeon they should also be willing to serve you with pride and humility. This means hearing out what you have to say and then responding with the best possible advice for you to consider. They also have to try and execute the procedure to the best of your wishes if you are to feel better about your new self after the operation.


Empathy lies more on the sides of whether the surgeon understands you and tries to create a connection with you during the procedure. Your surgeon needs to be among the experts that believe in the procedure being a success and doing whatever it takes in the worst scenario to do the best they can for you. All that customers want to feel is that they matter and without feeling that then your gut will be right to guide you to another option on your shortlist. It is common for patients not to trust surgeons who were not empathetic with them on their first procedures especially when complications arose from the same.

Quality customer care service 

It is possible that you need answers on some inquiries both before and after the procedures. Make up your mind on the best surgery facility to enroll in by assessing how they handle their customers. The kind of reviews they have will give you a clue on whether their services are worthwhile. The communication platforms available and availability of customer care professionals are among the top factors you should keep in mind during the procedure. Poor reviews are red flags that the customer services offered by the surgeon and their facility are not up to mark.

Top hygiene 

You need to trust in the hygiene not just of the surgeon but also the facility in which the procedure will be done in. The only way you can ascertain the hygiene of the facility is through verifying their licensing and surgical accreditations. Without any of the legal compliances, it becomes hard to tell whether the services of a facility can be trusted. The hygiene of the staff and the surgeon that will be present in the room is lastly what is important as top health standards have to be maintained to avoid infections.