15 Features of the Garden Grave and Casket Company in Melbourne

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Garden Graves and Caskets is one of the most well-known Headstones Melbourne providers in Victoria. They have been around for years to know what it takes to provide quality work to their customers. 

Here are 15 features that set Garden Graves and Caskets apart from other Headstones Melbourne companies:


  1. Free Quotation- Garden Graves and Caskets offers a free Headstones Melbourne quotation for any customer, so you can get the exact price of your new Headstones without having to wait.
  2. Free Delivery- Garden Grave and Casket offer Headstone delivery in Victoria. If they are closer than my preferred Headstones provider, I can use Garden Graves and Caskets Headstones Melbourne services.
  3. Flexible Payment Plans – you can choose from various payment plans with Garden Graves and Casket Headstones Melbourne, so it is easier than ever to find one that fits your budget.
  4. Quality Craftsmanship  – this company uses only the best materials for their Headstones Melbourne products, making them some of the most durable out there today!
  5. Large Selection – if they don’t have what you’re looking for at Garden Graves and Caskets Headstones Melbourne, they can usually find it elsewhere.
  6. Free Delivery- another great feature of this Headstones company is that you don’t have to pay any delivery fees!
  7. Warranty – The warranty covers all their Headstones products from as little as 12 months up to a lifetime guarantee, depending on your needs. This ensures that your Headstone will last beyond the first few years after installation, which means less maintenance in the future!
  8. Accurate Quotation- because there are so many different options when ordering or Headstones, sometimes an accurate quotation isn’t available right away. However, Garden Grave and Casket offer live phone service where representatives can
  9. Custom Designs- Headstones Melbourne is all about custom Headstone designs, which means that you can have your Headstone made to suit your needs.
  10. Design Your Own Headstone – Garden Graves and Caskets Headstones Melbourne offer a design service where they will create the perfect Headstone based on what you want it to look like!
  11. Professional Assistance – if you need help designing your Headstone, Garden Grave, and Casket, we are happy to provide their expert opinion for free!
  12. Offer Different Designs – this company offers many different styles of Headstones, so customers don’t get bored with just one type of headstone.
  13. Expert Staff- Headstones Melbourne experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have, and they will give advice based on their years of experience.
  14. Friendly Staff – this company has the friendliest Headstones Melbourne staff out there, which means you will always be treated with respect when working with them.
  15. Convenient Hours – if Garden Grave and Casket Headstones Melbourne don’t match up well with your schedule, then it may not be worth trying. This business is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Headstones Melbourne specialists have been providing quality products since 1977!