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What is the WPIT programme?

The WPIT Programme includes redevelopment of ICT systems (delivering new technology) and the redevelopment of business processes (operating structure, business rules and processes).

What are the risks of the WPIT programme?

Data migration, data quality and testing was the responsibility of individual projects within the WPIT Programme, which increased the risks that data migration and quality assurance would not be undertaken in a consistent manner.

When will data migration be included in the WPIT programme?

3.31 Data migration was considered in high level architecture planning in 2018 and an initial data migration framework in 2019. However, detailed planning for data migration at the program level was deferred to later in the WPIT Programme and not funded.

When is the next WPIT gateway review due?

To date, four Gateway reviews have been undertaken, and the next is due by September 2020. 14 1.21 Services Australia commissioned seven reviews of the WPIT Programme over 2016 to 2018 that examined governance, program management and risk management arrangements.

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