The 5 Best Small Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 

Looking for a small mechanical gaming keyboard? Well, read on to find five of the best-reviewed gaming keyboards. The best thing any gamer can pay attention to, whether it is just for fun or a professional gamer, is investing in one that will get to the gaming edge.

If you are looking for accuracy, 100% responsiveness, and overall great quality, here are some of the best choices to consider; 

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for a full-sized layout gaming keyboard with robust RGB options, then you might want to take a look at the Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard is built with a mecha-membrane keyboard that is designed to last long, with high-quality functionality.

You also get to customize your animation, colors, and themes of your choice. As far as prices are concerned, the keyword is worth every investment. They have the average or slightly the above market price. You also get at least a two-year warranty. 

Freestyle Edge RGB Split

If you are looking for nothing more than a handful of keys, then the Freestyle Edge RGB Split from Kinesis would be the best option for you. Just like the name suggests, the keyboard has a split design, with a tenkeyless layout. You easily get to remove any module from any equation as needed and position the mouse as close or as far as you need.

Some of the key features the keyboard comes with include a split keyboard, tenkeyless layout, and RGB illumination, and built-in configuration control. While it is one of the expensive keyboards, Freestyle Edge is one of a kind. It has its unique features and units and has a versatility that you wouldn’t find in most keyboards.

NPET K10 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

NPET K10 is one of those a little on the more powerful and more expensive side. It comes with a powerful RGB capability as well as high backlighting power; it has a white finish and blue backlighting, definitely perfect for a great gaming experience.

Some of the features you get to enjoy with this keyboard include a full-size keyboard layout. The silver aluminum frame is non-slip, of air-craft grade, and has exceptional durability. The keys are highly rated, at least up to 50 million clicks, are quiet, and also splashproof. 

MK73o Gaming Keyboard

Looking for a simple keyboard, with a simple layout, and great RGB functionality? The Cooler Master MK73o Mechanical Gaming Keyboard could just be the perfect choice for you. This keyboard has smoky gunmetal with an aluminum finish.

It also possesses a tenkeyless layout which allows for the minimal layout/ desk setup. It also comes with a wired connection via a USB-C cable, an RGB illumination which is keyboard controlled, and a ribbed bar for the RGB light. The keyboard may also be pricey than most in the market but has an unmatched quality.

TKLo2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Velocifire TKLo2 ergonomic small mechanical gaming keyboard, from the one and only Velocifire, is one of the best gaming keyboards yet. This comes with a tenkeyless layout, has a small and arched build, which allows for a small space set-up.

The white LED lights are set on the curved backlit keys and are perfect for reading. In a nutshell, some of the features you get with TKLo2 include White LED-backlit keys, tenkeyless layout, and a wireless option.