The 5 Best  League of Legends Ahri Cosplay Costumes And Props


League of Legends games have always been hot, both in the US and around the world.So there are many products about League of Legends, both peripheral and cosplay. You can find all sorts of multifarious ones in the market, but going to find a good quality, realistic and affordable costume is not easy. It’s not easy to find a wig that’s realistic, fits properly and is comfortable to wear, and so on.So I’d like to share with you these products that are all about the Nine-Tailed FoxAhrioutfit  now, and I’ll continue to share other characters’ cosplay products with you in the future when I get a chance!Here’s what I found after comparing a few vendors

Noticed:during Halloween time, Shipping times may take longer than usual.

  • 1、League of Legends the Nine-Tailed Fox League of Legends K/DA Skin Cosplay Costume

Reasons for choosing it

This cosplay costume  is very close to the character as well as the color and shape, if you are looking for a dress that is very similar to the character. This dress is a good choice!And if you buy this dress, it includes a lot of accessaries that don’t require you to re-purchase. And it looks especially good with accessaries。


  • Video Game: League of Legends
  • Champion: the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri
  • Fabric: artificial leather, knitting fabric
  • Including: tube, body suit, stockings, neck collar, pendant, bracelet, hair pin, accessories.
  • Fabric of tail :PCV+yarn
  • Suitable for:Adult\teenager


2、League of Legends the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri K/DA Skin Cosplay Wig

Note:When choosing, you should see if it is suitable for your head circumference.


  • Video Game: League of Legends
  • Champion: the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri
  • Color: Brown
  • Length: 80cm
  • Head circumference : 50-60cm
  • Material : TOP QUALITY Heat Resitant Synthetic fiber
  • Suitable for:Adult\teenager
  • Cons:Not suitable for daily wear、more difficult to take care of,
  • Pros: barely needs to be taken care of, because it’s cheaper and you can buy it again after a few uses!


3、League of Legends the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri K/DA Skin Cosplay Shoes Boots

  • NOTE:We can only make low heel if your shoe size is bigger than Female US size 12 or Male US size 9.5.
  • Needs: If you choose regular size, please tell them your calf around.If you choose custom made, please tell them your gender, shoe size, foot length, foot around, calf around and boot height.


  • Material: Good quality Pleather.
  • Attention:Custom Made Boots! If you have request about the shoes, such as change color or change style, or if you want other cosplay shoes, please contact the shopper or manufacturer.
  • Suitable for:Adult\teenager


4、League of Legends the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri Tails K/DA Skin Cosplay Outfit


  • Video Game: League of Legends
  • Character: the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri
  • Fabric: PVC plastics, yarn dyed fabric
  • Including: Tails, suspenders
  • Suitable for:Adult\teenager

I’ve worn this dress to Comic-Con before, and honestly this tail is a little big.So be careful when you wear it out.


5、LOL Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox Cosplay Wig with Ears

This cospaly has very cute ears. Girls look smaller and cuter with them, just like the characters in cosplay!This wig is soft, easy to manage, and odor free.

  • Video Game: League of Legends
  • Character: the Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri
  • Material:High Temperature Fiber
  • Suitable for:Adult\teenager

Final recommendations

I’ve repurchased all of the products above many times and they attract a lot of League of Legends fans every time I wear them to Comic-Con. Probably because these outfits and accessaries fit the game so well, I seem to be  Ahri  when wearing them!Other reasons why I chose the above product is that it is affordable, good quality, looks the same as the character on the game, and I feel good fitting it on my body!By the way ,they all could be found on the