Termite Inspection: Everything You Need To Know

You can enjoy family time in your house, getting together and inviting friends and many other people. But there is one thing in the house which comes uninvited and invades your privacy with their attacks. Yes, you are guessing right; we are talking about termites. Termites invade your house and make a meal out of your mansion. 

The termites affect the walls, decks, floorboards, beams, and other places. So, in this case, there is a solution for pest control, but for this, you need to do a termite inspection. Various pest control companies like Stride Pest Control can help you with termite inspection and elimination. 

What is Termite Inspection? 

Inspection is similar to other inspections, that is, to check. So, in this case, termite inspection means checking whether the walls or any other structure is affected by termites or not. This is the job done by professionals; therefore, termite inspection is generally correct to determine the invasion of termites. 

There are some critical segments that termite inspectors look for, and they are: 

  • Indentations in the dry walls, windows, wall facings, or doors. 
  • Hollow wood in the furniture
  • Excrements of termites
  • Mud tunnels act as a crack in the home’s structure; the last one is actual termite, which is visible directly. 

They also look for swarmers from the same family but with wings. So, they can also create the same destruction as termites. 

Why Should You Consider Termite Inspection? 

Termites are sometimes easily spotted when they enter the walls. But sometimes, it is seen that the termites are not easily visible, and therefore, you have to do a termite inspection. This inspection process is the most beneficial method to stop the infestation of termites. It is generally recommended that you go for an annual inspection to ensure that your house is safe from the attacks of termites. 

Which Areas Are Generally Inspected by Termites? 

Termites are generally found in areas where there is moisture and wood. So the inspection will mainly be carried out in these areas, which are very common for infection. If there is any source of termite invasion, it is mainly in wooden structures, fences, deadwood, cracks, wood mulch and firewood. 

So, the termite inspectors target these areas to check the invasion of termites. In addition, if you find any directly visible termite symbol, you can also show it to them for better inspection.