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Wade Kricken has litigated a wide range of matters over his twenty years as a lawyer. Despite having knowledge in several different legal fields, he focuses mostly on litigation and real estate law. He has been running his own law firm for over 30 years. This is what represents true perfection for him. Through the personal challenges that Mr. Kricken had as he was growing up, he has been able to put more into helping upcoming lawyers, and this is through his scholarship. Students who are interested in a career in the legal world in America should be more and more interested in getting some financial help.

Earn money for your education

Mr. Kricken is aware that students pursuing legal careers frequently experience extreme financial difficulty as a result of the escalating costs of education, particularly for law school. With this $1000 scholarship, Wade Kricken wants to give a chance to deserving students. Wade also wants to support one of the country’s future top lawyers by providing this scholarship while bringing attention to the financial struggles faced by individuals pursuing a career in law. Being a lawyer is, without a doubt, a fantastic career. You get to work on some fascinating cases, present your case in front of judges and juries, and assist those who are in need. But practicing law is not inexpensive. You must pay for your education, a workspace with furnishings, office supplies like paper and pens, and more. Mr. Kricken claims that getting scholarships for lawyers is one method to save money. So, you need to do your best to gain from them.

As a lawyer, you can find simple scholarships

It is not as hard to find affordable scholarships for lawyers as you would assume. There are many different types of scholarships available, and they are a terrific way to help you pay for your education. While some scholarships are focused on your academic performance, others are more concerned with your unique interests and/or future goals. The cost of attending law school cannot be determined until you receive your financial assistance award letter from your preferred University. The price tag, meanwhile, can be overwhelming. In addition to tuition fees and living expenditures (which include housing rentals), the cost of textbooks and other supplies for this program of study can mount up quickly—especially if you want to have access to the best resources available. When you contact Wade Kricken, he will definitely give you the push you need through advice, and you can also apply for his scholarship.


It is strongly advised that eligible students take advantage of the opportunity to obtain scholarship money for information on how to apply and participate in the essay contest, where the scholarship winner will be chosen. All you need to do is visit the Wade Kricken scholarship website and visit the page for applications. To win this scholarship, it’s all about you. This means you need to be ready to make the right investment decisions by finding the best of these scholarships to attain more.