Optimizing your images or social media and SEO 

Visuals are an important aspect when it comes to marketing communication at Ottawa SEO.  They are marketing tools that are incredible for content as they help to develop the tone of your brand. At the same time, adding images to the blog and the posts on social media is one of the ways which is efficient in transmitting information that most SEO companies in Ottawa utilize.

The brain of a human being can be able to process materials that are visual faster, and that is the reason most people tend to respond faster to visual content as compared to text materials. According to studies carried out, the brain can process about 36000 images 60000 times faster than other content types.

At the same time, the brain has the capability of retaining about 80% of the visuals that it processes, as compared to only 20% of the content in text format. And thus, to make the most out of the images, you will require to optimize them, increasing the popularity of your content on search results and social media. If the visuals are optimized well, they can play an important part in having to improve your SEO campaign.

The following is how to ensure that your images are optimized for SEO:

Before including any of the visuals in your blog posts, you have to ensure that you maximize your content for Google by doing the following:

  • Utilize the right file name for the image – the relevant keywords, separating them by dashes, and not a file name that the camera gives it or a stock photo site.
  • Pick the right format for the images as speed does matter
  • Ensure the images are responsive
  • Reduce the size of the file to ensure that it loads faster
  • Create captions that are compelling with keywords
  • Include your keywords in the title text and alt text – you should not stuff and make sure that the alt text makes sense for those who are going to use the screen readers
  • Include structured data for the image.

At the same time, when it comes to social media, quality photos are important for increasing engagement for your posts. Thus, you need to pick top-quality images, optimizing them properly.

Build relationships via active conversions

One of the ways of best-increasing engagement on your social media accounts is by building relationships – the customer-brand alliance. Relationships are known to foster trust, establishing credibility. They tend to help in understanding your target purchaser, the needs they have, and the pains that they have and struggling to sort out.

Thus when they happen to suspect that you are having an interest in their struggles, it becomes easier for them to start engaging with you. And the place which is best for such interactions is on social media platforms. You can interact with them using social media forums, groups, and marketing profiles.

There is no need to wait for your marketing persona to come directly to you. There is a need for you to take the initiative, striking up a conversation with the audience.