Interesting Combinations Of Viner FrånSpanien

Here you will find some interesting combinations of Viner frånSpanien. What kind of tastes, aromas do wines have? All your questions will be answered in this article. Given below are some of the best wines that you will find in Sweden.

  • SUAU 50 –


Suau 50 is the bodega’s treasure and pride and Viner frånSpanien is a culmination of a process of maturation and aging in small oak barrels that began several decades ago. The secret of exquisite quality rests in the time, silence, and microclimate of our cellars in the heart of a wall of 1.8 m, impermeable to smell and sound. The Aroma is a very well-defined wind distillate, which has been transformed during a very robust stage in aging, with great aromatic complexity.


An aromatic balance that transitions in an advanced way from a primary aroma with ripe fruits to a mixture of aged wood. The Taste is Light dryness, light viscosity / viscous feeling of wholeness in the mouth, and the real taste of aged oak. Small hints of roasted caramelization and dried fruits. Feeling in the mouth/throat: Balsamic, refreshing, with a slight burning sensation that reminds us of the alcohol content.

  • Brandy Suau 25-


The production process for SUAU 25 ”Selección Bodega” is ancient & traditional, resting on a conscious quality in time, with the silence and microclimate in SUAU’s cellars/bodegas. The Appearance is Slightly viscous/viscous with a dark mahogany tone.Aroma / Aroma: Roasted, wood, which has changed and aged a lot for a long time.


Taste is a Slightly burning sensation in the mouth, roasted wood, dried fruits, vanilla, nutty, with a hint of sweetness when swallowed. Feeling in the mouth/throat: Slightly sharp but not strong, oily, full in the palate, Warm / Balsamic feeling in the nasal passages.Volume: 70 cl. Alcohol content: 37%

  • Brandy Suau 15-


SUAU 15 is a premium Viner frånSpanien that has been stored in a very exclusive, traditional way in a microclimate in SUAU’s bodega/basement in Mallorca, in the same unique conditions for 160 years. Appearance: Dark amber with shimmering copper tones in the glass. The Aroma is Very fine aromatic integrity between its distilled ingredients and oak. The Taste: You can feel the fermentation of the wine must, slight sweetness, fruitiness, aged oak with a hint of vanilla. 


Feeling in the mouth/throat: Slightly sharp, but no bitterness or too strong feeling, remains tasty in the palate. The initial notes of the aromatic mixture last a long time volume: 70 cl. Alcohol content: 37%

  • Ron Jungla-


Oak barrels with a taste of the Caribbean and barrels with a taste of aged Brandy SUAU. This exquisite “Jungle Rom” started as a personal project to achieve an exclusive product with a very special taste flora. A high-quality rum has been selected, stored in the Caribbean for 10 years, and then added second storage in the bodega in Mallorca, in oak barrels where the famous Brandy SUAU was previously stored.