Importance Of Pathologist In Cancer Patients By Dr Joy Trueblood

Cancer is one of the most frequently occurring diseases and it affects all ages and both sexes, but some cancers are more common in certain groups of people.

The Function Of A Pathologist

  • It is to study the origin, growth, spread and effects of cancerous or malignant tissue.
  • A pathologist performs microscopic examinations on tissue samples that are removed during surgery or biopsies. The results of these laboratory tests help determine if cancer cells are present in the patient’s body and help determine the type of tumor that has formed as well as its location.
  • Pathologists may also aid in determining the stage of cancer how far it has spread, which helps guide treatment decisions.

●      A pathologist manages a team of experts and assistants to conduct thorough examinations on tissue samples.

Specializes In The Diagnosis Of A Disease

  • A pathologist manages a team of experts and assistants to conduct thorough examinations on tissue samples, which are then sent to the lab for analysis
  • The results of these tests help determine whether or not your condition is cancerous or benign, how advanced it may be, and what treatment options are available
  • A pathologist is specially trained in molecular biology and genetics, giving them an advantage over other medical professionals when diagnosing patients
  • A pathologist like Dr Joy Trueblood can determine if a patient has cancerous cells or not plus they also have the ability to determine where those cancerous cells originated from
  • This means that if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are searching for someone who can help you understand what’s happening inside your body, hiring a pathologist may be beneficial
  • A pathologist has a high level of knowledge about various types of cancer as well as the location and prevalence of each type
  • A pathologist can tell you if you have cancer, what type it is and how far it has spread
  • Pathologists are experts in studying human tissue in order to find out what’s wrong with someone

Causes Of Cancerous Cells Growing Into Tumors

When a person has cancer, their body’s immune system is not able to destroy the mutated cells as it normally would and as these abnormal cells continue to multiply, they can grow into tumors that develop in different parts of your body.

Cancerous tumors are formed when a cell’s DNA is damaged and becomes altered and this damage triggers uncontrolled growth of new blood vessels which allow nutrients and oxygen flow into the tumor but do not allow waste products out of it; therefore creating an environment for growth called angiogenesis the creation of new blood vessels.

Tumors may also spread from one organ or part of your body to another through lymph nodes or bloodstreams by breaking off from their original location through invasion/metastasis, the process where malignant tumor cells move through nearby tissue.


A pathologist like Dr Joy Trueblood is a very important member of the medical team when treating cancer patients and they are able to determine whether or not there are any cancerous cells present in the body and where they originated from so that treatment can be administered accurately.

This will allow doctors to provide their patients with the best care possible while also helping them live longer lives free of disease or illness