Escape to China: Explore the Best Chinese Series for an Enthralling Experience

China has been producing some of the best dramas and series for many years. If drama is your thing, then you might have already heard about some of the prominent Chinese dramas. Chinese dramas are a perfect mix of action, suspense, romance, and comedy. The good news is, even if you are not a Chinese speaker, you can still watch their series with subtitles. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about watch chinese series (ดูซีรีย์จีน).

1. Platforms to Watch Chinese Series:

There are a lot of streaming services available online from where you can watch Chinese series like Viki, iQiyi, Dramafever, and so on. These platforms offer Chinese dramas with subtitles, so it’s easy to keep up with what’s happening in the plot even if you don’t understand Chinese. Some of the services are free, but others require a subscription.

2. Top Chinese Drama Series:

Some of the best Chinese series have gained international popularity, and here are some of the names that you might want to add to your to-watch list:

a) The Untamed

b) Eternal Love

c) Nirvana in Fire

d) Story of Yanxi Palace

e) Legend of Fu Yao

These are just a few of the best Chinese series available. Each of these features a complicated and exciting plot, and you won’t be disappointed watching them.

3. Understanding Chinese Culture in Dramas:

Chinese dramas are not only entertaining, but these also offer insight into Chinese culture. It provides an opportunity to learn about the difference in culture, traditions, food, and vast geography of the country. Understanding Chinese culture sets it apart from other dramas, and you can gain a lot of knowledge about the Chinese way of living and thinking.

4. Chinese Dramas for Different Genre:

Chinese dramas don’t only cater to drama lovers, but their options vary between genres. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy, then “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” will do. If you want something inspiring, then you can watch “The Longest Day in Chang’an.” If you’re looking for something suspenseful, you can explore “The Rise of the Phoenixes.”

5. Dubbing vs. Subtitles:

Dubbing or watching dubbed versions of Chinese dramas is not recommended, as it does not capture the true vision and artistic elements of the show. To get the full essence of the series, it’s always best to watch Chinese series with subtitles. You might need to train yourself a little if you’re not used to watching content with subtitles, but the effort is worth it.


Chinese dramas provide great entertainment, and there are countless series available that cater to all genres. You don’t need to know the language to enjoy Chinese drama series, as you can watch them with subtitles with ease. Venture out of your comfort zone and take a chance on a Chinese series; you won’t be disappointed!