Dealing with a Rodent Infestation in Caldwell

To get rid of rodents in your home, you need to identify the kind of rodent you have. Various kinds of rodents require different techniques to remove and prevent them from infesting your property again. You can achieve optimal results if you hire a pest control expert to handle an infestation for you. The best professional to hire is one who has handled all types of pests including rodents. 

Kinds of Rodents that Invade Homes

Caldwell is home to different kinds of rodents including the following. These rodents can inflict serious damage to your house unless a pest control company is brought in to handle the infestation as early as possible. 

  • Norway rats. These are the biggest rodents that can invade Caldwell homes. These rodents make their nests in sheds, under decks, and in basements. 
  • Roof rats. These rodents nest in trees and usually enter houses through eaves holes and attic vents.
  • Pack rats. These rodents make their nests out of sticks, twigs, and other items available in homes 
  • House mice. These nocturnal rodents make their nests near sources of food.

Rodent Damage and Dangers

Rodents are quite destructive and dangerous. They can chew on anything including wires, wood, insulation, and plastic. Also, they can contaminate food sources through their urine and droppings, posing severe health risks due to the diseases they may carry. Rodents are known for spreading leptospirosis, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and salmonellosis. In addition, as rats and mice make gnawing and scratching noises, homeowners may wake up to these noises regularly. Pest control experts offer an effective way to keep rodents at bay.

How Rodents Enter Homes

Rodents get into homes to find food sources, water, and shelter. They can get inside through small cracks and crevices, gaps around doors and windows, as well as pipes and vents. When they gain access to a house, they quickly find hiding spots like attics, wall voids, cupboards, and basements. 

Sadly, rodents tend to reproduce quickly. Thus, even if you saw just one rat in your house, you must take action right away before the issue grows bigger. Call a pest control expert to inspect your home thoroughly and come up with an effective plan to treat the infestation. The expert will determine the kind of rodents you are dealing with to create targeted treatments. Their services can include preventive measures such as environment-friendly rodent removal, rodent-proofing, exclusion measures, and sanitation.