Convenient and Reliable Left Luggage Services in Kings Cross

If you’re travelling to or through London, chances are you’ll be visiting King’s Cross station. But what do you do if you have luggage that needs to be stored while you explore the city? Fear not, there are plenty of affordable kings cross left luggage station! Let’s take a look at some of the best and most cost-effective options for storing your bags.

Where to Find Left Luggage Services Near Kings Cross Station 

The most convenient left luggage services for visitors to Kings Cross Station are located within walking distance of the station itself. For instance, there is a Travel Store Locker located near the St Pancras International Station that offers 24-hour access for just £5 per day. The lockers come in three sizes so customers can choose the one that best fits their needs. There is also a manned locker service run by Excess Baggage Company, which costs £7 per item per day and allows customers to store items up to 32kg in weight. 

In addition to these on-site services, there are several other options available nearby. Visitors can book a short-term storage locker at Stasher’s Bag & Luggage Storage locations around London for as little as £6 per day. Stor-Age provides similar services around London starting from £8 per day, while Bounce offers lockers starting from £6 per day with discounts available for longer stays.  

Benefits of Using Left Luggage Services 

Using left luggage services near Kings Cross Station has several key advantages. It allows travelers to explore London without having to worry about carrying bulky items or expensive equipment around with them all day. It also ensures that your belongings stay safe and secure while you’re out and about – something which many hotels cannot guarantee due to limited security measures. Finally, using left luggage services can save money on transportation costs since customers don’t have to pay extra baggage fees when traveling by train or bus, making it an affordable option for budget travelers. 

King’s Cross Lockers 

One of the best options for storing your bags is using the lockers located in King’s Cross station. They come in two sizes, small (18 inches high by 10 inches deep) and large (22 inches high by 14 inches deep). They can also store items up to 80cm in length. The lockers are currently priced at £6 for 24 hours for the small locker and £9 for 24 hours for the large locker. You will need a pound coin to use the locker, which is refunded when you return with the key. 

Left Luggage Services

If you’re looking for somewhere to store larger items such as skis or snowboards then there is also a left luggage service within King’s Cross Station. This service charges £5 per item per day, with discounts available if multiple items are stored together. All items must fit into a standard size suitcase or bag and must weigh no more than 20kg. Items must be collected before 11pm on the date they were deposited, otherwise an additional charge may apply.

Whether you’re visiting London for business or pleasure, taking advantage of the affordable left luggage services at Kings Cross Station is a great way to free yourself up from bulky items and ensure that your belongings stay safe while you explore the city.