An overview of Band Heaters 

For giving heat to any element from the outside band heaters are the best choice as they are in the shape of a ring that clamps around the element. They are cylindrical in shape and then transfer heat by using the conductive method. For reducing the heat loss to the environment, Mica Band Heaters are equipped with mineral insulation or ceramic insulation. For selecting the right band heater, you should have knowledge about the performance specifications and features of the band heater. One of the simple ways of selecting is to see the AC voltage is up to the requirement and watts.

Dimensions and material of band heater 

Whenever you are buying a band heater don’t forget to check the inside diameter, inside width and inside thickness of the band because it is the rule of the band heater that the inside diameter should be the same size as the outside diameter of the cylinder to be heated. You can also see a sleeve, jacket or sheath made up of aluminum or copper, or stainless steel on the band heaters, it is been used to protect the outer covering of the heating element. You will also get probe holes, cooling options, insulated shrouds, and cutouts on the band in band heaters.

Insulated band heater

For reducing heat loss to the environment, insulation is used in the band heaters. If the band heater is insulated then it has a higher profile and is useful in areas where space is at a premium. Mica insulation, fiberglass insulation, mineral insulation, and ceramic insulation are choices for insulating band heaters. Ceramic insulation is more beneficial as ceramics are made of minerals such as clay that gets permanently harden so it can resist both heat and chemicals. For electrical insulating and high resistance to heat and acid, mica is the best option.